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Back Clinic Lawyers. A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who provides legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity.

Personal injury attorneys tend to practice primarily the area of law known as tort law. Even though personal injury lawyers are trained and licensed to practice virtually any field of law, they generally only handle cases that fall under tort law including work injuries, automobile, and other accidents, defective products, medical mistakes, and slip and fall accidents.

The expression “trial attorneys” can refer to personal injury lawyers, even though most cases handled by personal injury lawyers settle rather than going to trial and other types of lawyers, such as defendants’ attorneys and criminal prosecutors, also appear in trials. A personal injury attorney has numerous responsibilities in serving his or her clients.

These responsibilities encompass both professional and ethical rules and codes of conduct set forth by state bar associations where the attorneys are licensed. Once licensed to practice law by their state bar association, attorneys are legally permitted to file legal complaints, argue cases in state court, draft legal documents, and offer legal advice to victims of personal injury. For answers to any questions you may have please call Dr. Jimenez at 915-850-0900

Meet Trudy – Clinical Patient Liaison, Clinical Operations Officer, Mother and Wife

Meet Trudy – Clinical Patient Liaison, Clinical Operations Officer, Mother and Wife

Presenting Truide Torres Jimenez. ( Clinic Director: Injury Medical Clinic PA & Patient Relations Advocate & WAY More)

Truide has been working for the past 20 years in claims resolutions. She works hand in hand with patients and is available to resolve dispute resolutions. She also works as the patient liaison for clinical and legal matters.

Truide Torres Jimenez (Brief Bio & Her Personal Message) Driven by the passion of doing what is in the patient’s best interest, I wake up every morning with the drive to help those in need. The claims process for health care is full of pits, valleys, and difficult obstacles designed to strike fear in those in need. My duty is to do what is within the confines of the law, “whatever it takes,” to get those involved to pay attention to those who need help. That is what I am honored to do for our patients.

My Purpose: In finding my purpose, I find the bigger “Why” behind my business. This is essential in the challenges I have seen in these times. Each day, I search for God’s message in my purpose, which I pray takes me to another level. At the end of the day, I, too, do not want to work for the sake of working. As humans and God-fearing individuals, we like to know we’re aligned with what we feel we are called to do. So getting with my purpose and my “why” has always so important to me. I love people, and I want to help them, especially when they are in need.

My Commitment As defined, commitment is “the state or quality of being dedicated to cause activity, etc.” Without commitment, it is difficult, if not impossible, to push through challenges to reach our goals. My commitment is to serve my fellow person in their clinical needs and find the right solution for them.

My Dedication: “The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose is what I strive daily for every day.” I have always told my children that you commit to it once you have a purpose, and you see it through. I, too, try to live my life by those words. Yes, it’s work, and there is no substitute other than to dig in and get it done. There is no substitute for practice and preparation. Our success with our patients has always been dependent on the level of effort we as a team have been able to focus on with our independent and prioritized tasks mutually. I commit to being dedicated to our God-directed purpose.

Perseverance I believe that to persevere, you must show continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or oppositions. With our patients and those we assist, we face many challenges and need and pray for the ability to push through and pick ourselves up when down. I can only imagine how my clients feel. For that reason, I push harder to help them. Simply put, each challenge we as a team overcomes, the closer we can help our patients and those in need. So we stay the course and overcome the fear and struggles our patients have and help them clinically persevere.

Personally, I have seen great injustices transpire on those that do NOT have a voice in today’s world. Whether a language barrier or just not knowing the rules. My job is to find out how I can help. If I personally can not help, I will find the right sources to open the possibilities. Then, I get the job done.

As a wife and mother of 2 children, 2 dogs and 3 cats, my passion is for God, Family, and the mission of serving my fellow man.

Call me if you need help with clinical matters:

Office 915-850-0900 / Cell: 915-252-6149

Truide Torres – Jimenez Patient Advocate: Injury Medical Clinic PA

Law Could Bring Remote Doctor Visits to Schools

Law Could Bring Remote Doctor Visits to Schools

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Remote doctor appointments could be coming soon to the school nurse’s office.

Starting Sept. 1, a new law will allow physicians to get paid for seeing children over a sophisticated form of video chat, as long as the student is at school and enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program for the poor and disabled. The law’s supporters say it could lead more schools around the state to set up nurse’s offices equipped to handle remote doctor visits — and save parents time and money.

They say adults shouldn’t have to take time off work and kids shouldn’t have to miss school to get routine health care, like when a child has an ear infection or skin rash, because modern technology allows a remote doctor to get high-quality, instantaneous information about patients. An electronic stethoscope allows the doctor to hear a child’s heartbeat, for example, and a digital otoscope offers a look into the child’s ear — all under the physical supervision of a school nurse.

Then, if the doctor makes a diagnosis, parents can pick up their child’s prescription from the pharmacy on their way home from work, said state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, a Republican of Parker and the bill’s author.

“You want to talk about access? You want to talk about affordability? This is their access,” Laubenberg said. “We can treat the child, have him ready to go, and we can leave him here.”

“You don’t have to take off work,” she said. “He doesn’t have to leave school. It’s less disruptive.”

Texas is not the first state to pay doctors for school-based telemedicine for Medicaid patients. Georgia and New Mexico have similar laws on the books, according to the American Telemedicine Association.

Laubenberg said she wrote the bill to support programs like one put on with Children’s Health hospital system in North Texas. There, children from 27 grade schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth region have electronic access to three health care providers — one doctor and two nurse practitioners — while school nurses sit in on the visits. A spokesman for Children’s said the program will soon expand to 30 more schools.

In that program, school nurses — health care workers who don’t necessarily hold a nursing degree — can examine children, and, if they have an apparent health problem, send their information to Children’s to schedule an appointment. The program is currently funded by a five-year pot of mostly federal money.

Children’s says the new law will allow its program to remain financially viable when that funding source goes away, and allow similar programs to take hold across the state.

“Children’s Health in our programming is not going to be the [primary care provider] for every kid that walks through the door, so in order to sustain the program, we needed to be able to bill for that service,” said Julie Hall Barrow, senior director of healthcare innovation and telemedicine for the hospital system.

Other programs may follow suit. Texas Tech University’s medical school has partnered with the school district in Hart to run a school-based telemedicine clinic for more than a decade. That, supporters say, has expanded access to health care in the rural community north of Lubbock.

“Ninety percent of what you would see in a general pediatric clinic, we can handle it by telemedicine,” said Richard Lampe, chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center. He said that included sports injuries, strep throat — and among middle and high school students especially, mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

But there are still questions under the new law about how schools will decide which students are eligible to have virtual doctor visits. The state will only pay doctors for seeing kids if they’re enrolled in the Medicaid program.

“I think the question goes to, what happens if the kid gets sick and they don’t have Medicaid?” said Quianta Moore, a researcher at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, who has written about school-based telemedicine.

That could raise questions about equity and access, Moore said, because doing “health intervention in school is actually very effective.”

Critics said expanding remote doctor visits into schools could lead to more doctors practicing medicine inappropriately on children.

“You’ll end up sometimes with a doctor that’s not adequately informed as to the patient’s history or allergies,” said Lee Spiller, the policy director for the Texas branch of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a nonprofit mental health watchdog. “How can you expect a kid to really be aware of risks, their allergies, medical history?”

Spiller also said he worried parents who signed blanket consent forms at the beginning of the school year would not fully understand what they were signing their children up for.

In Dallas, at Uplift Peak Preparatory, health office aide Ruby Jones said some parents chose not to sign consent forms, but if their children got sick and came to visit her, she would try to talk to them about the “amazing tool” of telemedicine.

Said Jones: “There’s nothing more rewarding when … you see a scholar walking down the hall and they say, ‘Thanks, Ms. Jones. I feel better.’”

Throughout August, The Texas Tribune will feature 31 ways Texans’ lives will change because of new laws that take effect Sept. 1. Check out our story calendar for more.

Authors: , and – The Texas Tribune

The Texas Tribune is a nonpartisan, nonprofit media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them – about public policy, pol itics, government and statewide issues.

Don’t Allow a Lawyer to be Your Chiropractor

Don’t Allow a Lawyer to be Your Chiropractor

A current study conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform, or ILR, determined that several of the most expensive ads under popular search terms on Google, including phrases such as “Top personal injury lawyers” and “El Paso accident lawyer”, costed personal injury lawyers approximately $700 every time a possible client clicked on it.

While these elevated costs have demonstrated a definite growing advertising trend among attorneys, these statistics have developed a tremendous concern among Texans who value the integrity of their civil justice system. As a matter of fact, the increased amount of personal injury lawyer advertising shows how misleading ads have become, putting greed ahead of justice. Furthermore, this method of advertising can burden courts with questionable lawsuits, leading to more delays and denials of justice for those with legitimate legal claims.

blog picture of a green button with a phone receiver icon and 24h underneath

According to the Institute for Legal Reform’s research study, personal injury attorneys in the United States were estimated to spend a total of $892 million in television advertising in 2015, a growth from $531 million in 2008. The large sums being invested on these expensive ads were utilized in the study to show the way many personal injury lawyers are predominantly more interested in lining their pockets rather than being interested on the client’s safety and overall health and wellness.

The current study conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce placed various cities in Texas among the top national rankings of personal injury attorney advertising. The 68 percent increase in personal injury lawyer ads on television during the previous An evident increase of approximately 68 percent in personal injury lawyer television ads over the previous eight years was most notable in Houston, Texas, ranking among the top 10 United States television markets for trial lawyer advertising in 2015.

Because more Texans have started depending on the internet and television for a majority of their health blog picture of young woman pointing to red button that says receive care todayinformation, it’s fundamental for individuals to be able to distinguish between all the helpful resources and misleading lawsuit advertising. In addition, many personal injury attorney advertisements have started attempting to influence consumer’s decisions, guiding them away from seeking medical attention from qualified doctors, chiropractors and medical specialist as well as misleading them to questionable lawsuits.

People have to begin to understand the purpose of personal injury attorney advertising. Many personal injury lawyers are acting on their own self-interest, one that is often not in the best interest of clients and patients. Texans must learn to protect themselves against those recruiters who’s main purpose is to enlarge their own bank accounts rather than helping victims who need it. Clients with questions regarding the medical care and treatment they deserve for their settlement should ask their doctor, chiropractor or medical specialist, not a personal injury lawyer. Subsequently, people should be aware of misleading advertisements attempting to guide them away from a healthcare professional.

Misleading personal injury advertising can put people�s overall health and wellness at risk. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the consequences of this often selfish practice: don�t allow a lawyer be your doctor, chiropractor or medical specialist.

Its common for personal injury lawyers to advertise on the internet and television today. However, recent studies have started to demonstrate that from the vast majority of ads, an increased percentage of them be misleading, steering people away from medical care and treatment after being involved in a personal injury case.

Marcus Jahns of San Antonio is chairman of Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse,

For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at 915-850-0900 .�Top provider

Sourced through from:

By Dr. Alex Jimenez

Additional Topics: Neck Pain and Auto Injury

Neck pain is characterized as the most prevalent symptom after being involved in an automobile accident. During an auto collision, the body is exposed to a sheer amount of force due to the high speed impact, causing the head and neck to jolt abruptly back-and-forth as the rest of the body remains in place. This often results in the damage or injury of the cervical spine and its surrounding tissues, leading to neck pain and other common symptoms associated with whiplash-related disorders.

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What’s Happening With Personal Injury Lawsuits

What’s Happening With Personal Injury Lawsuits


Just as the way some iconic advertising campaigns might create among us a unique cultural bond, TV watchers and internet surfers today share a common experience. We�re all aware of � and annoyed by � personal injury lawyer advertisements, �If you�ve ever been injured, call now for a free consultation��

Personal injury lawyer advertising is a huge presence on our TV screens and computer searches. It�s also the most visible element of the vicious cycle of lawsuit abuse in this country. Where does the money come from for these ads? Personal injury lawyers get rich filing lawsuits that are often weak on facts or fueled by imbalanced laws. The bounty they reap from these lawsuits goes into the huge volume of injury ads that we see constantly, so they can recruit more plaintiffs for more questionable lawsuits.

blog picture of stacks of money

About $900 million was spent last year on personal injury ads on TV alone, according to a U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform report. Online, more than 90 percent of the top 25 most expensive Google search terms are related to litigation, according to the report, and the high prices are bid up by high advertiser demand.

Why advertise 24/7 for lawsuit plaintiffs? To create �class members� for personal injury lawyers to bring mass tort lawsuits. What happens to the millions of plaintiffs signed up by the ads and web links? They are bought and sold by the lawsuit generators as if they were cattle or corn futures. Who regulates these ads to make sure they are truthful and ethical? As you might have guessed from looking at the ads, they are barely regulated at all � but they should be!

This aggressive plaintiff recruitment comprises just part of the cycle of lawsuit abuse � lawsuit friendly laws make personal injury lawyers rich as they file more and more lawsuits, and lawsuit riches buys nearly a billion in TV ads to gin up more plaintiffs and wealth-producing lawsuits. The rest of the cycle of lawsuit abuse is the personal injury lawyers putting their money into political campaigns and supporting pro-lawsuit politicians who help to preserve the imbalanced laws � and try to create new ones. Seem a little complicated? It�s not, and we�ve laid it out with a few graphics here.

So the next time you see a personal injury ad that is giving you advice about what to do, remember these three things:
You shouldn�t believe everything you see in the largely unregulated world of personal injury lawyer advertising.
Personal injury lawyer advertising can mislead and scare consumers on important issues, such as their health care.
Personal injury lawsuits are often about making those lawyers rich, not making victims whole.


blog picture of gavel, law book, and scroll with the words personal injury

While our country has regulatory agencies whose mission it is to ensure that advertisements are accurate and straightforward for American consumers, one group evades advertising regulation: personal injury lawyers. This group is flooding the airwaves and internet with ads making unsubstantiated or hyperbolic claims to lure potential plaintiffs into lawsuits that make these personal injury lawyers millions.

We�re all familiar with the ominous ads that warn about health dangers or a long list of side effects and promising cash compensation to patients. Yet these sensationalized lawsuit ads do not disclose the low probability of experiencing an adverse health effect. That�s because lawsuit ads are not subject to the same level of oversight for accuracy and disclosure as advertising for other industries.

The disparity is clear when you look at how strictly other ads discussing health treatments are regulated. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates all consumer product ads that where company�s product can affect consumers� health, insisting that these ads must:

  • be truthful and non-deceptive
  • have evidence to back up claims
  • not be unfair, and
  • include only accurate testimonials that disclose any information that might influence buyers

None of these requirements exist for lawsuit ads, which largely can say whatever they want about the effects of health treatments or products. Without regulation, personal injury lawyers can dramatize product risks while acknowledging none of the benefits.

blog picture of a spider web with a dollar coin in the center

Additionally, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requires that product claim ads must present the benefits and risks of a prescription drug in a balanced fashion. Companies are required to list the most significant risks of the drug. Similar to the FTC, the FDA requires that these ads must not be false or misleading in any way.

These restrictions do not apply to lawsuit ads, which are often intentionally misleading. There is a rigorous testing and claim substantiation that drugs must go through for all marketable claims, but no such process exists for lawsuit ads. Thus, we see ads with unsubstantiated claims from studies personal injury lawyers may have commissioned or from doctors who are on their payroll. That simply doesn�t seem balanced.

Even cosmetic ads are regulated more strictly than lawsuit ads. Cosmetic ads are subject to the same advertising regulations that the FTC uses for other industries (i.e., fair, backed by evidence, non-deceptive, etc.) These regulations exist for a reason, and personal injury lawyer ads should be held to the same standards as demanded of other advertisers.

There is harm in allowing lawsuit ads to continue to make misleading claims � it can be can be dangerous for consumers, who are repeatedly hearing these wild, unregulated proclamations. American consumers are inundated with personal injury lawyer advertisements � we can�t escape them. In fact, nationwide, personal injury lawyers spend up to $75 million each month on this advertising.

As a result of this onslaught of panic-inducing ads, patients are increasingly discontinuing health care treatments that their physician believes would provide them with significant benefits and pose little risk. Americans are listening to unregulated ads instead of their doctors, which has doctors concerned. That�s why the American Medical Association, an organization representing more than 200,000 physicians and medical students, recommended that lawsuit advertisements come with a warning that patients should first consult with a physician before discontinuing medications.

These advertising tactics are intended to generate lawsuits and enrich personal injury lawyers. Consumers deserve, and should demand, greater responsibility and disclosure in lawsuit advertising. For now, consumers must recognize that these ads are not always accurate, and personal injury lawyers have a vested interested in scaring audiences into lawsuits. Don�t fall for it, and don�t get trapped in their web.

How Big Data Is Big Bucks For Personal Injury Lawyers

blog picture of computer keyboard with the words big data on top

Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse shared our take on big data and the increase in certain lawsuits in a recent letter to the editor in the Dallas Morning News. It also serves as a good reminder: �Don�t Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor.�

Texas trial lawyers have a history of searching for ways to make millions of dollars at the expense of our health care system, ultimately reducing access to health care, driving up the cost of consumer goods and limiting job creation.

The recent story, �Health insurers fear Texas trial lawyers are seeking billions, but attorneys say that�s hype� (March 30), shows how the combination of big data and health care can create a gold mine for personal injury lawyers.

blog picture of stethoscope a pen and a form

So, when sick or injured consumers get a call from a lawyer, not a doctor, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse is urging caution through a new Sick of Lawsuits ( campaign. The public needs to be aware of the millions spent on misleading television and online advertising.

�Don�t let a lawyer be your doctor,� is sage advice and something TALA is working to ensure that Texans hear and act on. What lawsuit ads don�t say can be harmful. When it comes to lawsuits involving a person�s health, consumers should examine the source carefully.

Jennifer Harris, Austin, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse (as published by the Dallas Morning News)

blog picture of american flag in a field during sunset

Sourced through from:

Personal injury lawyer advertising is a huge presence on our TV screens and computer searches. It�s also the most visible element of the vicious cycle of lawsuit abuse in this country. Where does the money come from for these ads? Personal injury lawyers get rich filing lawsuits that are often weak on facts or fueled by imbalanced laws.�For Answers to any questions you may have please call Dr. Jimenez at�915-850-0900

Don�t Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor

Don�t Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor

Scroll through the list of the most expensive Google search terms and you�ll find phrases like �Top personal injury lawyers� and �El Paso accident lawyer.� A recent study conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce�s Institute for Legal Reform, or ILR, found that some of these ads cost personal injury lawyers nearly $700 every time someone clicks on it.

This large cost is indicative of a growing trend that should trouble any Texan who values the integrity of our civil justice system. The increasing volume of misleading personal injury lawyer advertising is putting greed ahead of justice. Furthermore, this devious practice can clog courts with questionable lawsuits, delaying or denying justice for those with legitimate legal claims.

According to the ILR study, personal injury lawyers in the U.S. were projected to spend a total of $892 million in television advertising in 2015, up from $531 million in 2008. The vast sums invested in these largely unregulated ads prove that lining the pockets of personal injury lawyers is paramount to consumer safety and well-being.

The recent U.S. chamber study placed several Texas cities atop the national rankings of personal injury lawyer advertising. The 68 percent growth in personal injury lawyer advertising on television during the past eight years has been most evident in Houston, ranked among the top 10 U.S. television markets for trial lawyer advertising in 2015.�blog picture of young woman pointing to red button that says receive care today

As more Texans rely on the Internet and television for health information, it�s important to distinguish between helpful resources and misleading lawsuit advertising. Many ads attempt to shape consumers� decisions, steering them away from doctors and toward questionable lawsuits.

Consumers need to understand the motives behind personal injury lawyer advertising. Personal injury lawyers are acting in their own self-interest, which is often not in the best interest of patients. Texans should guard against personal injury lawyers and recruiters who make contact to enlarge their own bank accounts. It�s nothing more than �ambulance chasing.�

Consumers with questions about their medical care and health should ask their doctor, not a personal injury lawyer. Additionally, patients should be wary of any attempt by a personal injury lawyer to steer them to a specific doctor.

Misleading personal injury advertising can put people�s health at risk. However, there is a way to avoid the consequences of this greedy practice.

Don�t let a lawyer be your doctor.

Marcus Jahns of San Antonio is chairman of Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse,

This op-ed column appeared in the San Antonio Express-News and versions have been published in publications across the state in 2016.

Sourced through from:

It appears that the idea that lawyers can influence a client’s decision on the choice of their doctor has created various topics of interest, as the contributors of TALA have become more vocal on this trend. Patients should be aware that these situations exist and have also been known to occur in El Paso, Texas.Top provider

For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at 915-850-0900 .

Additional Topics: Neck Pain and Auto Injury

Neck pain is characterized as the most prevalent symptom after being involved in an automobile accident. During an auto collision, the body is exposed to a sheer amount of force due to the high speed impact, causing the head and neck to jolt abruptly back-and-forth as the rest of the body remains in place. This often results in the damage or injury of the cervical spine and its surrounding tissues, leading to neck pain and other common symptoms associated with whiplash-related disorders.

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El Paso Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

El Paso Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

With over 25 years of experience treating patients who’ve suffered injuries or aggravated a previous condition due to direct trauma from an accident, among other factors, Dr. Alex Jimenez is a qualified doctor of chiropractic who’s helped many individual’s recover their original health and wellness. Being injured at the job can be unfortunate and Dr. Jimenez, using the worker’s compensation plan, can help.

Work accident lawyers for El Paso, Texas, and El Paso County, Texas, work injuries dedicate themselves to making sure that injured workers receive the compensation they are entitled to after an on-the-job injury or occupational injury.

Workers around El Paso, TX and throughout El Paso County are injured every day as they perform the tasks necessary to fuel large, wealthy corporations. Workers are often injured at El Paso construction sites, industrial manufacturing plants, refineries, or assembly plants. In addition to a variety of other claims, state laws provide for workers� compensation, commonly known as �workers� comp,� to assist the victims of workplace injuries and their families in these times of hardship.

Proving Fault Is Not Necessary

Unlike normal negligence claims where proving fault is necessary, if you suffer an injury while in the “course and scope of employment” at a workplace in El Paso, Texas, you should get your El Paso workers’ compensation payments (indemnity) and your medical bills paid regardless of who caused your work injury or how it was caused.

If you or a loved one have been injured on the job in the State of Texas, then you or your injured family member should be covered by workers� compensation. Workers� comp is a statutory scheme designed to compensate the injured employee even if he or she was 100% at fault for causing their injuries. That is, the employee receives compensation for their disability and medical care if they are injured on the job regardless of their role in the injury, and even if the injury occurred wholly due to the employee�s own fault.

In Texas, workers� compensation laws are found in the Texas Workers� Compensation Act – Title 5 – Texas Labor Code – Chapters 401-506. Additionally, you may find more helpful and up-to-date information on Texas workers� compensation laws at the website maintained by the Texas Department of Insurance, Workers� Compensation Division.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an El Paso, TX workplace injury, please contact one of the qualified El Paso workers� comp attorneys serving injury victims throughout the El Paso and El Paso County areas.

Texas Workers� Compensation Field Offices for El Paso are located at:
El Paso Divisional Office
El Paso State Office Building
401 East Franklin Avenue, Street 330, El Paso, TX 79901-1250

Federal Worker’s Compensation Law – El Paso County Postal & Federal Workers

An El Paso workers� comp attorney can help you in many ways, and will work to make sure that you pursue compensation under the appropriate statute and through the appropriate methods. For example, your El Paso workers� comp attorney will make sure that federal government employees injured on the job seek recovery under federal law.

As under the state workers� compensation scheme, federal law provides injured federal government workers, such as postal service workers, compensation for injuries occurring on the job or as a result of their employment with the federal government. This federal workers� compensation program is administered by the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor also administers the Longshore and Harbor Workers� Compensation Act (LHWCA), which provides compensation to longshoremen and other such workers if they are injured on the job. If you are an El Paso County resident employed by the federal government and you have been injured on the job, you should contact El Paso work accident lawyers to discuss your rights today.

The U.S. Department of Labor claims office serving the El Paso area is located at:

U.S. Department of Labor, OWCP
525 South Griffin Street, Room 407
Dallas, TX 75202
(972) 850-2409

Workforce Solutions
300 E Main Street
El Paso, TX 79901-1372
(915) 313-3000 [Ext. 3023]

What Can Lawyers Do If Your Employer Doesn�t Have Workers� Compensation Insurance?

Texas law generally does not require that an employer provide workers� compensation coverage. Employers who opt out of the state workers� compensation system are referred to as �non-subscribers.� These employers can be sued directly under what is called a �non- subscriber claim.� A non-subscriber claim is a very strong injury claim because the employer gives up their right to assert any fault on the part of the injured employee (plaintiff) and can also be sued for the work-related injury. Employees in the El Paso area who work for non-subscriber employers may sue for personal injury, in court or through arbitration. These claims are made directly against the employer for their negligence; however, if you work for a non-subscriber, you have wider possibilities in terms of your right to proper medical care, compensation for lost wages, and for any disabilities you have suffered, in addition to your right to initiate a direct personal injury claim for employer negligence.

Contact an El Paso workers� comp attorney or other El Paso County workers� comp attorney today for advice regarding an injury sustained during employment with a non-subscriber employer.

Why Should You Contact an El Paso Workers� Compensation Attorney?

If you are suffering from a work-related injury, you should not hesitate to contact a qualified El Paso work accident attorney who can help you process your claim. People are injured on the job every day, many times causing them to suffer pain as well as lost wages and physical disability. El Paso workers� comp attorneys are admitted to practice before state and federal courts in Texas, but, more importantly, they are experienced with handling workers� compensation claims like yours. An experienced El Paso or El Paso County, Texas workers� compensation attorney can expedite the process and help you get your money faster and without confusion or hassle.

Work related injuries fall basically into two categories:

  • Injuries where there is, or should be, workman�s compensation or worker�s compensation insurance; or
  • Injuries where there is no workers� compensation (Maritime Injuries & FELA Railroad Injuries).

Texas workers� compensation law provides injured workers in the El Paso area with certain types of income and medical benefits. Under state law, your employer�s insurance company is required to pay you these medical benefits for all necessary treatment as well as benefits to compensate you for your lost wages. However, insurance companies frequently seek to deny deserving, hardworking people their workers� compensation benefits. This is how the insurance companies turn a profit: they collect insurance premiums while refusing to pay out benefits whenever possible. An experienced El Paso, TX workers� comp attorney has the skills and know-how to fight the insurance companies to get you the money you deserve. Contact one of the El Paso workers� comp attorneys listed on this page for help in obtaining a settlement.

Specifically, an El Paso workers� comp lawyers can help you in the following ways:

  • Strive to get you the highest monetary compensation under the law.
  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury to determine whether you should pursue any other courses of action or claims aside from collecting workers� comp�for example, whether you should sue your employer for further damages or pursue a third party claim against someone other than your employer, or against your coworkers for the role their negligence played in your injuries.
  • Ensure that you receive proper medical care and adequately maintain records of your injuries and treatment.
  • Get a second opinion or help you determine whether a doctor is acting in the best interests of the insurance company instead of in your best interest.
  • Help you increase your workers� comp checks if the amount has been incorrectly calculated by an insurance company.
  • Protect your job during the time of your disability so you don�t find yourself unemployed after your recovery.
  • Complete and file all workers� compensation records required by the Department of Workers� Compensation for you to begin receiving your checks.
  • Serve as liaison between adjusters, employers, medical personnel/doctors, and government employees to get you your money quickly and without hassle.

Is There A Deadline To File For Workers� Compensation Benefits In Texas?

In Texas, injured employees have only one (1) year to file their workers� compensation claims from the date on which the injury occurred. If the injury is an occupational disease, or one sustained over a period of time, then the one-year limitations period begins to run when the employee knew or should have known of the employment-related disease.

Because you only have one year to file your claims, it is in your best interest to contact an El Paso workers� comp attorney immediately to help you begin the process!


El Paso Injured Employee Hotline:
(800) 252-7031

Designated Doctor Scheduling:
(512) 804-4380

Medical Fee Dispute Resolution
(512) 804-4812

Additionally, if you would like to report a workplace safety violation discovered in connection with your injury, the following phone numbers and e-mail addresses may be useful:

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety – Accident Prevention Services
(512) 804-4626 |

Workplace Safety – Approved Professional Source Program

Workplace Safety – Bureau of Labor Statistics
Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
(866) 237-6405

Workplace Safety – OSHCON
(800) 687-7080 |

Workplace Safety – Resource Center

Workplace Safety – Safety Violations Hotline
(800) 452-9595 |

Many corporations and other work settings provide safe, labor environments for their workers, however, it’s not unheard of for individuals to suffer an accident which may cause injury. Every day, people can be at risk of experiencing work injuries, especially in construction sites. Fortunately, if an injury occurs, the affected individuals can utilize worker’s compensation to settle a personal injury claim. Many El Paso lawyers are qualified and experienced to help workers gain the compensation they need and deserve.

Additional Topics: Headache After Auto Injury

After being involved in an automobile accident, the sheer force of the impact can cause damage or injury to the body, primarily to the structures surrounding the spine. Whiplash is a common result of an auto collision, affecting the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues around it, causing symptoms such as head pain. Headaches are a common symptom after an automobile accident, which may require immediate medical attention to determine its source and follow through with treatment.


Get Support from Our a Team of Texas Injury Lawyers

Get Support from Our a Team of Texas Injury Lawyers

You�ve seen news stories, heard reports, and learned about risks, but you never thought it could happen to you. Suddenly, you�re one of those people you used to see on television, badly hurt in a car accident, by an 18-wheeler or commercial truck, in a workplace accident, or by a dangerous product.
It�s a frightening experience. When you�re injured and scared, you don�t know whom to trust or how you will pay for all of the damages you face. Your life is turned upside down, and now you�re forced to cope with the physical, mental, and financial consequences.
It�s not fair, but there is something you can do to get help.
Get Support From Our Texas Injury Lawyers So You Can Focus Only on Your Recovery, Not on Battling Insurance Companies
Wayne, Wyatt, and the entire team at Wayne Wright LLP understand what you are up against. With years of experience fighting for injury victims across the nation, our lawyers know what it takes to help you get the best outcome possible after such a devastating event.
When you work with our team, the only thing you have to focus on is recovering from your injuries. Relax while your lawyer goes to bat for you against the insurance company, fighting for every dollar you deserve in your settlement.

Dr. Alex Jimenez D.C.,C.C.S.T’s insight:

After being involved in an automobile accident, many individuals are often confused about the next steps they should take when they’ve experienced damage to their vehicles and have suffered injuries from the collision. The team at Wayne Wright LLP is a group of excellent attorneys who focus on the needs of the victim, helping them get the support they need. For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at (915) 850-0900.�