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Our WEBINARS welcome you. It is wonderful you are taking positive steps to educate yourself about a health challenge that is affecting you and your family. There is the power to make educated decisions about your health by gaining high-level science-based truth and knowledge.

Our live webinar team consists of Therapists, Integrative Doctors, Functional Medicine Experts, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Physical Medicine Doctors, and Exercise Performance Specialists.

We get into deep clinical insights, treatment options, and methods to achieve clinically specific measured goals.

Topics Functional & Integrative Health WEBINARS

Functional & Integrative Health Live Events *

  • ?� �Stress Hormones & Health
  • ?� �Gut Health, Inflammation & Auto-Immunity*
  • ?� �Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
  • ?� �Fibromyalgia & Inflammation
  • ?� �Diabetes & Autoimmunity*
  • ?� �Weight Loss
  • ?� �Body Composition Analysis
  • ?� �Thyroid Dysfunction*
  • ?� �Autoimmune Disorder*
  • ?� �Heart Disease & Inflammation*
  • ?� �Agility & Mobility
  • ?� �Injury Recovery Programs
  • ?� �Complex Lower Back Pain Recovery Plans
  • ?� �Severe Sciatica Syndromes
  • ?� �Other Complex Health Challenges
  • ?� �Neutraceutical Recommendations
  • ?� �Advanced Translational Nutrigenomics*
  • ?� �Nutrigenomics, Proteomics, Metabalomics
  • ?� �Care Plans (Advanced Clinical Practice)

We present, bridge, and connect these various health programs, functional medicine protocols, fitness methods, injury recovery programs, and offer complete wellness packages.

To that end, we shed light and offer treatment options and bring a deep understanding of the real underlying causes of those suffering from acute and interconnected chronic degenerative disorders.

Ultimately, we empower you to achieve and maintain your personalized, healthy way of living by understanding the root causes of disorders.

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Diagnosis & Treatment of Food Allergies | El Paso, Tx (2021)

Diagnosis & Treatment of Food Allergies | El Paso, Tx (2021)

Welcome to part two of a Functional Medicine presentation titled ?Food Allergies, Hypersensitivity and Intolerances: Diagnosis and Treatment? featuring Naturopathic specialists. who will present to us methods on how to identify the differences between food allergy, food sensitivity, and food intolerance. He will also help us differentiate between IgG and IgE food testing, its benefits, and its disadvantages. This presentation will also be covering how to recognize the differences between celiac disease wheat allergy and non-celiac glut



Sciatica – LIVE WEBINAR � (915) 613-5303 Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device: for a live webinar where we discuss symptoms, what factors impact inflammation, and how it ties into sciatica. Please click this URL to register:

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