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Live Events

Live Events are here.� We are excited to see you taking positive steps to educate yourself about health challenges affecting you and your family. We offer the insight to make educated decisions about your health through high-level science-based truth and knowledge.

The live events team includesHealth Coaches, Integrative Doctors,�Functional Medicine Experts,�Nutritionists,�Physical Therapists, and�Exercise Performance Specialists.�

Provided are deep clinical insights, treatment options, and methods to achieve clinically sound specific measured goals.

Topics Functional & Integrative Health�

? Spine Health

? Gut Health, Inflammation & Immunity

? Fibromyalgia

? Diabetes

? Weight

? Thyroid Dysfunction�

? Nutrition

? Inflammation

? Mobility

? Injury Recovery

? Complex Health Challenges�

We help present and connect these various health programs, functional medicine protocols, fitness methods, injury recovery programs, and offer complete wellness packages.� I am looking forward to meeting you.

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