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Golf Injuries and Prevention

Golf Injuries and Prevention

The most common causes of golf injuries are playing and practicing too excessively, improper swinging mechanics, and little or no physical conditioning. Pain meds either over-the-counter or prescribed, bracing, and surgical procedures are how symptoms are treated instead of the root cause/s. If the cause/s are addressed then injury prevention comes naturally.


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Driving requires a great deal of effort and power that puts tremendous stress on the body. When done too frequently, injuries can result. The body can take all kinds of forces thrown at it. But there is a limit as to how much it can take before an injury occurs.

Too many swinging reps while playing and practicing could cause trauma to the muscles and connective tissues, which leads to inflammation and pain. Swinging and hitting with bucket after bucket of balls to improve performance will raise the risk of injury. Try practicing swinging without hitting any balls through imagery/imagination. This has become a standard tool utilized by athletes. Practice the perfect swing mentally without the risk/threat of overusing your arms and back.


Improper body and swinging mechanics can lead to injury. The constant swinging, bending, squatting, and walking places added stress on muscles that can lead to a shoulder sprain/strain, elbow pain, and rib fractures. Back injuries can happen when bending far too forward while in swinging motion. Common swing mistakes that can contribute to low back pain.


This can happen when golfers are told to stick out their rear but what happens is that they over arch their lower backs which cause hyperlordosis. This is known as an S-Posture and it inhibits the abs and glutes. Or this also happens with a lower crossed syndrome. �

curve disorders M

Early Extension

This is a term that comes from a forward swinging movement where the lower body does not rotate from the top of the backswing to follow-through. The hips and pelvis do not turn with the body. Spinal posture is extended, the head rises up and the pelvis moves toward the ball’s position. When this happens the spine’s muscles over-activate and force the spine into a fast extension. Forward movement of the lower body toward the golf ball can be a sign of early extension. �

Early Extension


Ideal Position

Reverse C

This happens at the swing’s finish being in a full hyperextension position. It places added compression on the lower back right facet joints. �

11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 128 Golf Injuries and Prevention

Overextending, Flexing, and twisting excessively, awkwardly, and improperly increases chances of injury. A bit of advice is to have your swing analyzed by a golf pro/instructor to make sure you have proper form and technique. Preventing back injuries can be achieved through proper body mechanics by properly lifting the golf bag and properly teeing the ball.


Muscles will be weak and inflexible when there is no conditioning. This causes them to become highly susceptible to injury. The spine is exceptionally vulnerable to increased pressure during a golf swing. This happens from rotating while leaning forward. When the low back and abdominal muscles do not have adequate strength or flexibility the high reps of swinging will eventually cause pain.

With a golf-specific strength and flexibility program, the risk of injury is lessened along with improved performance. Programs like these don’t have to be complicated or take a long time. Stop potential golf injuries from happening by avoiding excessive practice sessions, swinging correctly, and regularly practicing golf-oriented strength and flexibility exercises.

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Golfers Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Golfers Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Golfers, does this sound familiar?

It’s a warm sunny day with a bit of a breeze, you are on the back nine about to sink a putt. When you swing, your back seizes up with severe pain. The beautiful day of golf turns into painfully riding in the golf cart back to the clubhouse, and you limping painfully to your car.

If you have ever strained your back during a golf game, you are not alone. It’s estimated of the 30 million golfers in the United States, 80% have experienced some sort of back pain. As fun as it is, swinging at golf balls puts an individual’s body in an awkward position, opening up the opportunity for injury.

While some golfers suffer through the pain by popping over-the-counter medications, others back away from playing as often, or stop altogether. There’s another way to combat back injuries caused by golfing, without meds. It’s not a magic wand, it’s chiropractic care!

Golfers are increasingly finding chiropractic care to be a valuable tool to help them deal with back injuries. Here are FORE! ways chiropractors can help injured golfers get off the couch and back on the green.

golfers golfer finishing swing

Golfers: Consistent Adjustments Can Avoid Injuries In The First Place.

Golfing, or any activity, is more enjoyable and causes less chance of injury if an individual’s body is in top condition and operating normally. Periodic spinal adjustments keep the body functioning at maximum capacity, and reduce the chances of being injured. If the neck and back are aligned correctly, awkward positioning such as a golf swing will have a less negative impact.

Chiropractic Treatment Can Reduce A Golfer’s Pain.

Back injuries can be extremely painful, and many turn to pain medications to gain relief and comfort. By treating the origin of the pain instead of just the symptoms, a chiropractor helps their patients manage the pain through manipulations, instead of drugs. Over the course of a few treatments, pain is often drastically diminished and much more manageable.

A Golf Injury Can Heal Quicker With Chiropractic Care.

Injuries to the back or neck can heal faster when chiropractors treat them than on their own. An experienced chiropractor can adjust the spine, and also work on the joints and surrounding tissue that can cause pain and hinder healing. Chiropractic evaluation considers the body as a whole. By treating the entire body, it promotes quicker healing of the injury.

Increased Mobility Can Be Gained With Chiropractic Visits.

Golfers who play often as well as those who only play a few times a year know mobility is essential to a good golf game. Stiff joints and a weak back not only mess with the golf game, but can be the very issues that end up causing an injury.

A chiropractic treatment schedule keeps the body loose and strong, and working in optimum fashion. This prevents injuries and increases the chances of playing the game of your life.

golfers lady playing tournament

Golfers need to realize the sport can cause serious injuries just like “rougher” sports like football and rugby. It’s a good idea to stretch before playing, stay hydrated, and avoid overexertion.

If you are a golfer, chiropractic care is a valuable tool in staying healthy. Regular adjustments and manipulations keep your body on track and performing with maximum mobility at the top of your game. If you do suffer an injury, a chiropractor can help you manage your pain and decrease the time it takes to heal.

Professional Golfer Zach Johnson Trusts Chiropractic Care

Contact us today for more information on how we can help reduce the chance of injury for golfers, and promote healing.

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Golf: Tiger Woods Has Another Back Surgery

Golf: Tiger Woods Has Another Back Surgery

Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Alex Jimenez examines Tiger Woods’ and his latest back surgery.

We have a look at Tiger Woods’ extensive history of injuries during his career. USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods Won�t Be Back For Some Time

Woods, that has made just three starts in a couple of years, likely won�t play again this year after he’d his back surgery that is fourth in Texas. The latest procedure alleviated pain in his back and leg, Woods announced on his web site Thursday.

That I’m confident this will relieve my back spasms and pain, and The operation went well,� Woods said in a statement. When fixed, �, I anticipate playing with my kids getting back to a normal life, competing in professional golf and living without the pain I’ve been fighting so long.�

Woods, who also has had four surgeries on his left knee, first had surgery on his back and then had two procedures in the autumn of 2015.

According to his statement, a disc in Woods back seriously narrowed because of causing sciatica, the three surgeries and severe back and leg pain. During the recent operation, the damaged disc was removed and the collapsed disc space was elevated to levels that were regular. The goal is to relieve the pressure on the nerve, the statement said. The procedure was performed by Dr. Richard Guyer of the Centre for Disc Replacement at the Texas Back Institute.


A Look At Tiger Woods’ Injury History



About playing on Champions Tour, Tiger Woods jokes around

Woods, 41, last played in February, where he shot a birdie-free 77 in the very first round before removing. Where he missed the cut his only other start was in the Farmers Insurance Open the week prior.

His only appearance on the golf course in 2016 arrived at the Hero World Challenge in December. While he finished 15th in the 17-man field, he tied for the tournament lead in birdies (24), seemed healthy and upbeat.

Before beginning therapy, he will be resting for several weeks. The recovery interval is usually about half a year. That would mean Woods, a winner of 14 major tournaments and 79 PGA Tour titles, won�t play in any of the four majors for a second straight year. He is now rated No. 788 in the world.

Woods is in good spirits after the surgery, said his agent, Mark Steinberg.

USA TODAY Sports, he believes somewhat that the large weight was lifted off his shoulders,� Steinberg told. �The three previous operations were somewhat temporary repairs. But it got to the point where the pain was more common and this latest surgery was something he had to do.�

Steinberg said Woods decided to take a conservative approach along with his back previously three years with his difficulties. That alternative wasn�t accessible this time.



�This just isn’t a temporary repair,� Steinberg said. � his physicians proposed him that this is the top path to a healthy, energetic lifestyle. He and his children were playing but he was in so much pain.

�Now he �ll possess a healthy life without pain.�

One, Steinberg said, that can include playing golf.

�Entirely,� Steinberg said. �He desires to get out (on the PGA Tour) again.�

Woods� last public appearance ahead of the operation was Tuesday in Hollister, Missouri, where he pronounced he�s designing his first public golf course. The course will probably be called Payne’s Valley in honor of Missouri native Payne Stewart. Woods is a partner on the project with CEO Johnny Morris and Bass Pro Shops founder.

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