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Chiropractic Treatment and Adjustment Schedule

Chiropractic Treatment and Adjustment Schedule

A proper diagnosis goes a long way. Treatment and recovery can happen relatively quickly or broken up into parts, phases, and sessions, as part of a treatment and rehabilitation plan. This depends on the individual, their age, underlying conditions, and the severity of their injury/s. It is not uncommon to have a treatment schedule that could be weeks/months long. This can be tough on individuals with limited abilities and/or a slow progressive rehab to get back to normal. It is arduous, but to achieve optimal healing and health, it is expected.

Chiropractic medicine is no different.  It’s non-invasive compared to surgery but not as immediate as medication/s. This places it in between. Recovery timelines can vary significantly based on the nature of the condition, the patient, their injury/s, and everything attached. Most chiropractic treatment and adjustment plans are scheduled according to the individual’s injury and/or condition. Every case is different, meaning that treatment could be a couple of sessions for an individual with mild sciatica to a few weeks or months for more severe injuries/conditions. Most want to know why chiropractors execute these plans over weeks and months.

Chiropractic Treatment and Adjustment Schedule

The Body Needs To Get Used To The Adjustments

One reason for an extended adjustment schedule is to prevent adjustment shock. Adjustment shock often presents through soreness and tenderness, and there could be a feeling of soreness when sitting or standing or difficulty when trying to move with a normal range of motion. This happens when trying to heal the body too much and too fast. Trying to perform massive chiropractic adjustments without preparing the body could worsen and/or create further injury/s.

For example, correcting severe lordosis requires repositioning the spine’s curvature through properly planned out adjustment sessions. If a chiropractor tries to adjust/align the spine into place over a few days, this would be extremely uncomfortable and more than likely painful for the individual. Plus, there is a lack of musculoskeletal support from the rest of the body that is needed to make sure that the adjustments/changes take hold and are maintained. A chiropractor wants to avoid these issues to focus on getting the individual back to proper health.

Preparing The Body With A Solid Foundation

Chiropractic manipulations and adjustments need time to settle in, ensuring that they take hold and not shift back to the incorrect position. Spinal problems are not solved overnight. This means that the causes of misalignment will remain for a period as the treatment/adjustment process begins. A spaced-out schedule ensures that the adjustments are made accordingly to strengthen the spine through the process. This enables adjustments and the body to develop the necessary support system and prevent any negative re-shifting. As time goes on, the adjustments achieve total realignment, restoring the positive curvature that can be maintained.

Schedule Benefits

Finally, the step-by-step nature of a chiropractic adjustment schedule enables the treatment team to check the status of an adjustment plan. If radiological imaging shows changes, setbacks, or new issues arise, the treatment plan and schedule can be changed and adapted accordingly.

Body Composition Testing

Too Much Alcohol Can Slow Recovery From Tissue Injuries

Alcohol is often associated with celebrations, anniversaries, etc. But drinking too much can damage the immune system. Too much alcohol contributes to organ damage, specifically the liver. However, it is known to slow down recovery from tissue injuries, as well. Moderate drinking is defined as drinking up to 1 drink a day for women and up to 2 a day. Exceeding the recommended intake disrupts the immune pathways and impairs the body’s ability to fight off infections. Alcohol-related immune system damage has been associated with the development of certain types of cancer, including head and neck cancers among alcohol users. Before thinking that this is a problem that only affects chronic alcohol users, acute binge drinking can also severely impair the body’s immune system.

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Gifts For Back and Neck Pain El Paso, Texas

Gifts For Back and Neck Pain El Paso, Texas

Back pain during the holidays takes the joy out of everything.�All the�activities, events, and shopping can worsen spinal injuries or cause new ones.And trying to power through the pain makes family traditions like tree-trimming, cooking, baking into a very cautionary experience.�When selecting a gift for friends or loved ones with back or neck pain they would appreciate something designed to help them feel better.

Although the massage devices and foam roller sets don�t work miracles they can ease the stress and discomfort that comes with living with pain.

There is a wealth of products that:

  • Support the back
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Improve sleep quality

11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 126 Gifts For Back and Neck Pain El Paso, Texas


Affordable Back/Neck Gifts

  • Epsom salts –�A warm Epsom bath reduces muscle soreness, eases stress and soothes the skin. The salts’ magnesium helps the body reduce inflammation along with improving muscle and nerve function. The sulfates help the body absorb nutrients and flush body toxins.

Along with the health benefits, a bath is a nice way to relax after a long day. Gift sets contain a bag of salts, bath bombs, bubble bath, and other goodies.

  • Back massage pads – A good massage can relieve aches and pains. Massage pads knead the muscles while you�re watching TV, riding in a car, or resting.

Massagers have various settings that focus on various areas of the back and thighs with vibration and heat. Each massager is different and they have all kinds of modes. You might have to do a little research but the great thing is that they fit in a car/truck seat, office chair, or reclining chair.

  • Lumbar (Low Back) cushions – These pillows make sitting in a car,� truck or office chair, a whole lot more comfortable with low back support.

Travel cushions are made to take with you on road trips, work commutes, and are heavy-duty to help prevent slouching and ease low back pain caused by long sitting times.

  • Foam Rollers – Rollers are great for working out muscle soreness and stiffness. There are a variety of styles that combine foam roller benefits with massage ball portability, as well as, kits that have specialized rollers in different sizes, and shapes for different parts of the body.

Roll out the hips, upper back, calves, feet, and other parts at the house or on the road.


11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 126 Gifts For Back and Neck Pain El Paso, Texas

Indulgent Gifts

  • Massage as a gift – Massages help ease muscle tension, relieve aches and pains, and promote relaxation.

Gift a massage from a local chiropractor or physical therapist.

Look for licensed therapists that are specially trained in treating people with spine or neck pain.

  • Ergonomic chair – These chairs are made to support proper posture and reduce stress from long periods of sitting.

Consider a quality office chair. A good chair will have multiple adjustments so you can adjust the armrests, headrest, seat height, and depth. Ergonomic chairs provide more support than a standard office chair.

  • An infrared heat lamp – Heat is a solution that increases blood circulation and reduces muscle stiffness.

Heat lamps offer deep penetration that can be used at home for the larger areas of the body like the chest and back. A study found a group of patients that reported their pain levels decreased after six weeks of use.

  • Yoga classes – for the fitness people in your life gift a yoga class package.

The American College of Physicians Clinical guidelines recommends yoga as a first step in treating low back pain. As with any exercise program, they need to talk to their doctor before beginning yoga. Yoga Alliance and The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) are good places to find top qualified instructors.

The gift of relaxation, back support, and especially stress relief of family and friends will give you that fuzzy feeling all over, knowing that you’re helping someone out in a very real way!

We personally welcome all present and future patients to�Functional Medicine�and its modern�Functional Medicine Living Matrix�treatment approaches.


Chiropractic Care Massage Therapy El Paso, TX



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Individuals who sit most of the day, like those working in a computer while sitting in an office chair, are also at high risk for non-accidental spine injury. Office ergonomics, or computer ergonomics, can help minimize the risk such as the dangers associated with prolonged sitting in an office chair, and carpal tunnel syndromes, such as lower back pain, neck strain, and leg pain.