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In this cycle we will be working on pull strength, prepping for a better Memorial Day Murph, and extra supplemental strength work to do on your own after or before WOD. You can find this video here.

By the way, �Murph� is a workout that we do every Memorial Day. It is a classic CrossFit workout that just about every CrossFitter has done at one point or another. It is done in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. (Yes, the same guy the Lone Survivor Movie featured)


3 Rounds:
8 Hip Extensions w/ 3sec pause half way
12 Lunges
16 Jumping Jacks

4 Sets
a) Sumo DL x 2 @ H
b) 5-10 Glute Ham Raise

Skill: kipping Pullups (if time)

�Straight Helen��
1200m Run
63 Kettlebell Swings (Rx:55/35, Sc 44/25)
36 Pullups

Time Cap: 16min

Supplemental Strength:
1) Superset x 4:
DB Bench Press x 8 (heaviest)
One Arm DB Row x 8 (ea arm)
2) Dips- 4�7 (Heaviest)
3) Barbell Curls- 4�8 (heaviest)

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