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I�ve had a ton of fun coaching you all this week! There�s been a pretty good vibe and buzz around the gym lately and it�s awesome to be able to be a part of.

Today�s metcon should be handled as a sprint interval workout. This simply means that when it�s your turn to work, you need to try and move quickly because you will have a decent amount of rest in-between your individual working rounds. Have fun!

-Jon Jon


Superset x 5:
10 Bench Presses @ 60%
10 Difficult Ring Rows (weighted, if necessary)

*rest about 2 minutes between sets


Teams of 2 (alternating every round, relay style):

6 Rounds:
200m Run
25 Wallballs

4 Rounds:
200m Run
25 GHD Situps (if there aren�t enough machines, x2 sit-ups)

Supplemental Work:

1) Hollow Rocks- 3�15
2) Knees-up Crunches- 3�30
3) Crunched Heel Taps- 3�30

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