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Multiple Traumas and Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation

Multiple Traumas and Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation

With an intense automobile, work, sporting/fitness accidents, and natural disasters, individuals can experience multiple traumas, also known as polytrauma. Recovery and rehabilitation can be challenging journeys. Multiple traumas are serious medical emergencies only given to individuals going through difficult situations. Polytrauma references multiple severe traumas that occurred at the same time. An individual can experience a:


Physical therapy and chiropractic rehabilitation could be part of a treatment program. This is to restore the body’s mobility, function and promote the body’s natural healing abilities. The importance of creating the proper rehabilitation program can make all the difference, and restoring the integrity of the spine is critical.

Spinal Stabilization

Any trauma, despite its severity, can have the potential to interfere/disrupt spinal functions.

  • Suffering a concussive hit to the head could cause damage to the cervical spine.
  • Falling off a ladder could shift the vertebral discs.
  • Hitting the knee on an object can cause a spinal misalignment from shifting the weight to the other leg for a day or two.
11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 128 Multiple Traumas and Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation

Spinal misalignments and/or dysfunction are common in multiple trauma cases. Dealing with broken bones and substantial wounds often means the spine could need to be realigned even if there are no localized injuries to the back or neck. Spinal misalignment, translation/rotation, herniated discs, or other conditions can hinder the overall recovery process and present new health issues.  

Nerve Damage

Often, a lasting issue from multiple traumas is nerve damage. The severity can destroy nerve endings, making it impossible to regain feeling or movement in certain areas of the body. The nerve damage can be regenerated if the impediment is rooted in the spine and is addressed in time.

Correcting spinal discs that have shifted along with subluxations that can compress the nerves and interfere with signal communication can help restore the areas directly affected. Example: Broken arms or legs can lose sensations that can be regained by spinal realignment. Some arteries follow the spinal pathway. Proper circulation/blood flow is achieved when the spinal integrity is restored, which is essential in natural recovery.  

11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 128 Multiple Traumas and Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation

Trauma Beyond the Injury

Developing the correct rehabilitation treatment plan could mean the difference in a speedy and healthy recovery. Chiropractic can be an integral part of the recovery process, especially for a body that has sustained severe musculoskeletal injuries. The spine is an extension of the central nervous system. This means that bringing relief to the spine can affect positive healing in the injured areas. The critical role of the spine in an individual’s rehabilitation and whole well-being is why no matter the extent of the trauma, we deliver relief.

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