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Sleep Soundly With Chiropractic Adjusting

Sleep Soundly With Chiropractic Adjusting

Chiropractic adjusting: Poor sleep is detrimental to the body’s general health. If it becomes chronic side effects like high blood pressure, brain fog, exacerbation or development of a disease, and chronic fatigue can set in. Getting the proper quality amount of sleep needs to become a priority. The hard work and to-do lists can only get done when the machine that is the human body is functioning well-rested and at full capacity. When the body is starved of sleep it sets in motion a downward spiral of system failure, burnout, declining health, and decreased productivity.  
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Assessing sleep quality

7 to 9 hours should be the objective for the quantity each night or day depending on shift work, etc. Quality of sleep is just as vital as the proper amount. Sleep quality can be affected by:
  • Chronic pain
  • Poor sleep hygiene
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of physical activity
Improper sleep hygiene can be associated with: Here are a few ways to evaluate sleep quality:
  • The ability to fall asleep within 30 minutes
  • Not waking up unless to use the bathroom and being able to fall back to sleep within 30 minutes
  • Wake up feeling fresh and rested
  • Being full of energy, focused, and able to handle responsibilities

Spinal alignment affects sleep ability

Chiropractic can improve sleep quality by adjusting the spine, bringing the body back into balance. Chiropractic is an expert-based approach that will address any underlying issues with spinal misalignment that could be affecting sleep. Spine misalignment contributes to poor nerve energy circulation that affects the body�s ability to function and recover, which occurs during the sleep cycle. A chiropractor will restore alignment and provide expert recommendations for decreasing pain and sleeping posture optimization. Poor posture specifically when sleeping, a pain-causing injury, and poor biomechanics can all contribute to poor spinal alignment. This affects the body�s ability to complete normal tasks like sleep. Not letting the body rest properly can exacerbate other health issues and create a vicious cycle of compromised health.

Chiropractic adjusting

Restoring the body’s balance via the spine allows the body to properly move, heal, and function at full potential. Working with a chiropractic care provider can help this process and help restore refreshing and restful sleep. When sleep quality improves quality of life improves. Chiropractic practitioners can provide effective spinal treatment and optimize the quality of sleep.  
11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 128 Sleep Soundly With Chiropractic Adjusting

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