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Jessamyn Stanley’s 8-Minute Yoga Flow Is All About Practicing Self-Love


Taking care of your mind and body can take tons of different forms, from settling in for a scented bubble bath to getting your heart rate sky-high in spin class. It all depends on what works best for you.

But if you ask us, practicing self-care while you stay active is the best of both worlds. That�s just what we�re doing in this eight-minute flow with body-positive yogi and Every Body Yoga author Jessamyn Stanley.

This sequence is all about getting into your own body, finding your strength within, and remembering that you are self-confident all the time, no matter what obstacle, no matter where you are,� says Jessamyn. Preach.

There�s science to back up yoga�s mind-body benefits as well. The ancient activity comes with a wide range of healthy side effects, from lower stress levels to a stronger core, better sex, and fewer headaches (you know, just to name a few). Not to mention yoga is accessible for pretty much every body, as Jessamyn�s book demonstrates.
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In the video above, she�ll show you how to strengthen and lengthen your body using classic poses like Warrior I, Warrior II, Triangle, and more. You�ll also work on building better balance and eventually take time at the end of the practice to sit still, breathe, and appreciate all the amazing work your body has just allowed you to do.

Nervous because you�re a yoga novice? There�s no need. Jessamyn caters the flow to beginner and advanced yogis alike. Follow the yoga routine in the clip above to practice self-love and exercise at the same time. It�s really a win-win. And if you want to keep the self-love coming post-workout, go ahead and treat yourself to a DIY spa day. Because you deserve it.

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