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Venous Insufficiency: El Paso Back Clinic

Arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. The veins transport blood back to the heart, and the valves in the veins stop the blood from… Read More

Why Magnesium Is Important For Your Health? (Part 3)

https://www.youtube.com/shorts/V9vXZ-vswlI Introduction Nowadays, many individuals are incorporating various fruits, vegetables, lean portions of meat, and healthy fats and oils into their diet to get all the vitamins and minerals that their bodies… Read More

Foods That Help Maintain Flexibility: El Paso Back Clinic

Having and maintaining flexibility in the joints depends on the connective tissues surrounding the muscles. Proper lubrication in the connective tissues enables the fibers to slide over one another easily.… Read More

Rodeo Training: El Paso Back Clinic

Rodeo Training: Rodeo has become a sport that is now open to anyone, and there are even programs for weekend warriors. Like all sports, it can offer a rewarding experience… Read More

Why Magnesium Is Important For Blood Pressure? (Part 2)

Introduction Many athletes that do an intense workout will start losing their water intake through sweat and find ways to replenish their intracellular and extracellular levels by consuming electrolytes. Many methods can… Read More

Stretching Objective: El Paso Back Clinic

Stretching Objective: The body needs to be flexible to maintain a full range of motion. Stretching keeps the muscles supple, strong, and healthy; without it, the muscles shorten and become… Read More

Why Is Magnesium Important? (Part 1)

https://youtube.com/shorts/cxUJUi-vpi8 Introduction The cardiovascular system allows oxygen-rich blood and other enzymes to travel throughout the body and allow the various muscle groups and vital organs to function and do their jobs. When… Read More

Leg Adjustments: El Paso Back Clinic

The legs are important for standing and motion. Various problems can affect any part, including the bones, tendons, joints, blood vessels, and connective tissues of the entire leg, foot, ankle,… Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Potassium?

https://youtube.com/shorts/lnXOHtdeodU Introduction As more and more people start to keep track of their health, many often try to figure out what foods contain the right amount of vitamins and supplements to benefit… Read More

Cold Fingers Causes: El Paso Back Clinic

In cold weather, it's normal to experience cold hands and fingers. But if there is a coldness in only one finger while the rest of the hand is normal, changes… Read More

Dr. Alex Jimenez Presents: The Impact Of Stress (Part 2)

https://youtu.be/J2u4LV-DCQA?t=1188 Introduction Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents how chronic stress can impact the body and how it is correlated with inflammation in this 2-part series. Part 1 examined how stress correlates with… Read More

Jaw Clenching: El Paso Back Clinic

Bruxism is an abnormal jaw clenching or grinding of the teeth, either while awake or during sleep. This can cause neck and shoulder tension caused by excess pressure on the… Read More

Dr. Alex Jimenez Presents: The Impact Of Stress

https://youtu.be/J2u4LV-DCQA Introduction Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents how stress can impact many individuals and correlate with many conditions in the body in this 2-part series. We refer our patients to… Read More

Trapped Sciatic Nerve In or Around Hamstrings: Back Clinic

Hamstring syndrome is a condition where the sciatic nerve gets pinched between the hamstring muscles and the pelvic bone or by the tissue bands that connect the hamstring muscles causing… Read More

Dr. Alex Jimenez Presents: How Hypertension Is Explained (Part 2)

https://youtu.be/DmTGagbkPzg?t=1064 Introduction Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents how hypertension affects the human body and how to find ways to manage the symptoms associated with hypertension affecting many individuals in this… Read More

Weakened Immune System and Sickness: El Paso Back Clinic

There are various reasons for getting sick, but stress is one of the most common. Stress from family, work, school, traveling, etc., wreaks havoc on the body and mind. Working… Read More

Dr. Alex Jimenez Presents: How Hypertension Is Explained

https://youtu.be/DmTGagbkPzg Introduction Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents how hypertension affects the human body and some causes that can increase hypertension in many individuals in this 2-part series. We refer our… Read More

Slouching Causes: El Paso Back Clinic

Unhealthy posture and slouching incorrectly position the body unnaturally, adding chronic strain on the muscles and ligaments. For example, when sitting or standing at a workstation, individuals start to relax… Read More

Dr. Alex Jimenez Presents: The Effects Of Anti-Inflammatory Phytochemicals

https://youtu.be/njUf43ebHSU?t=1225 Introduction Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents how anti-inflammatory phytochemicals can reduce inflammation and treat other chronic conditions that inflammation is correlated with. We dive into what medicines can trigger… Read More