Back Clinic Treatments. There are various treatments for all types of injuries and conditions here at Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic. The main goal is to correct any misalignments in the spine through manual manipulation and placing misaligned vertebrae back in their proper place. Patients will be given a series of treatments, which are based on the diagnosis. This can include spinal manipulation, as well as other supportive treatments. And as chiropractic treatment has developed, so have its methods and techniques.

Why do chiropractors use one method/technique over another?

A common method of spinal adjustment is the toggle drop method. With this method, a chiropractor crosses their hands and pressed down firmly on an area of the spine. They will then adjust the area with a quick and precise thrust. This method has been used for years and is often used to help increase a patient’s mobility.

Another popular method takes place on a special drop table. The table has different sections, which can be moved up or down based on the body’s position. Patients lie face down on their back or side while the chiropractor applies quick thrusts throughout the spinal area as the table section drops. Many prefer this table adjustment, as this method is lighter and does not include twisting motions used in other methods.

Chiropractors also use specialized tools to assist in their adjustments, i.e., the activator. A chiropractor uses this spring-loaded tool to perform the adjustment/s instead of their hands. Many consider the activator method to be the most gentle of all.

Whichever adjustment method a chiropractor uses, they all offer great benefits to the spine and overall health and wellness. If there is a certain method that is preferred, talk to a chiropractor about it. If they do not perform a certain technique, they may recommend a colleague that does.

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