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Transform Your Body in Your Living Room With This Intense HIIT Workout


Don�t get us wrong: We love trying out the latest boutique studio classes, busting through solid strength routines at the gym, and sweating it out on the treadmill. But these certainly aren�t the only ways to get active; and some days a full hour of exercise just isn�t in the cards. Luckily, you don�t need a fancy fitness membership or lots of free time to become your best, fittest self.

In fact, it�s possible to complete a super-effective fat-burning workout in less than 30 minutes, in your own living room. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most efficient ways to whip your body into top shape.

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What is HIIT, exactly? It�s a cardio interval workout technique that generally involves 20-30 second bursts of full-on effort, followed by short recovery periods. These workouts get your heart pumping, sculpt muscle, and burns massive amounts of calories, even after your workout has ended. Plus, HIIT workouts are rarely more than 20 minutes long. So they�re ideal when you want to sneak a quick but serious workout into your busy schedule.

Sold? Follow along with this 20-minute HIIT workout led by Fhitting Room trainer Dara Theodore. It�s a heart-pumping sequence you can do anytime, anywhere�with dumbbells or simply your own body weight.

(Bonus: Check out this workout playlist that�s perfect for any HIIT workout.)

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