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Exercise Addict Works Out 8 Hours A Day Seeks Help


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Erin is a self-proclaimed exercise addict.

The 39-year-old from San Diego, California reveals on Tuesday�s episode of�the syndicated daytime series The Doctorsthat she builds her whole life around fitting in workout sessions.

�I exercise eight�hours a day,� she says in an exclusive clip. �I never get tired, I don�t get sore.�

Even Though Her Body Can Seemingly Handle Her Excessive Workouts

They do not make her feel good.

�I�ll cancel plans, I�ll cancel appointments. It�s been controlling my life,� she says. �I just can�t stop. It�s not giving me the rush that I used to feel just doing three to four hours.�

Erin says she squeezes in early morning workouts before work, and then returns to the gym when she is done for the day.

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�Around 5 o�clock is when I work out, and then I go to work, and then I work out for another two hours,� she says.

But Erin also reveals she has been using exercise to avoid a painful trauma she experienced in the past.

�Eight months ago I got a message from a girl. It triggered a memory that I had suppressed for 30 years,� she says in the clip.

�Basically I�ve Been Adding On Exercise So I Can Just Forget.�

Host Dr. Travis Stork commends Erin for seeking the help she needs to fight her addiction.

�Before we get into where we need to go from here, we have to acknowledge where we are right now,� he says. �I�m so happy you realize that you need to change, because when I saw those blood pressure readings, there are things in medicine we call hypertensive urgency, and those blood pressure numbers [are] quite alarming.�

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, who is working to treat Erin, says he was also alarmed by the results.

�In the six years that I�ve done the show with you, Erin is the most ill person, the sickest person that we�ve had on the show in my opinion,� he says.

To find out more of her test results and to see if�The Doctors can help Erin, check your local listings and tune into Tuesday�s episode.

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