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Weightlifting Fitness and Chiropractic, The Perfect Team

Weightlifting and chiropractic go hand in hand as a perfect team. Weightlifting can be utilized by everyone in some way. Whether it’s for general exercise, strength training, rehabilitation, bodybuilding, looking and feeling good, spinal health matters. When the spine and the body’s central nervous system work in harmony, muscle function is at its optimum. Many individuals consider health care to be a reactionary function. The proverb if it’s not broken then don’t fix it, is an approach currently being applied to various health conditions. Only after an individual exhibits or feels ailment symptoms is when they’ll see a medical professional. Weightlifters are thought to be generally more in tune with their bodies. But they are no different in that many do not seek medical attention until symptoms present.
Bodybuilding involves lifting heavy weights while maintaining proper posture and balance. Weightlifters, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts know that balance includes a healthy diet along with combining fitness training with a positive mindset. Individuals involved in some type of exercise/fitness regimen know that the muscles need time to recover and build new tissue. Weightlifters, athletes, and overall fitness enthusiasts are discovering chiropractic medicine and the benefits. Fear of the unknown is usually the biggest reason for people not seeing a chiropractor. But for athletes, weightlifters, etc not seeing a chiropractor, it is usually they’re worried they will have to stop training/competing for awhile. Whatever the reason/s for not seeing a chiropractor here are five for seeing one that everybody and every bodybuilder should know.

Chiropractic Mind and Muscle

Distractions in weightlifting will almost always result in an injury. The mind and body need to be balanced when working out. Just adding more weight or doing more repetitions will not create the best bodybuilder. Professional weightlifters know that it’s not about working harder, but working smarter. This is where chiropractic enters the picture. All the body’s muscles connect to joints or the spine. The joints and spine must be in proper alignment for the muscles to work in proper balance with each other. In today�s world, it’s all about the quick fix. Whether it�s a pill for whatever or fast food. However, some things need time and proper care to flourish. Chiropractic and bodybuilding are two of those things.

A Spinal Shift Makes WeightLifting Harder

When the spine is not aligned, muscles on one side will be forced to work harder than the other side. This is a perfect injury set-up. An example is doing bench presses with one foot firmly on the ground, with the other using only the toes. That is the picture when the spine is out of alignment. Working out with an uneven foundation opens the doors to injury/s. A chiropractor can discuss the best bodybuilding routine that will get results, give diet/supplement recommendations and advice on proper lifting techniques, as well as, stretches and flexibility exercises. They see the changes in the body before any pain is felt. Based on this they can decrease the potential for injury.

Minor Injuries Lead to Severe Injuries

Many weightlifters believe if they feel pain after a workout then it means it was a good workout and is considered a sign that the muscles were worked to the maximum. However, this is not always true. Microtrauma injuries are not always detected because they can hide behind the minor muscle pain after a heavy workout. Microtrauma injuries are small tears in the connective tissue and the fibers of the muscle itself. These micro-tears can cause swelling that is not seen but can be felt. This type of trauma needs proper recovery time to heal. And if treatment is not sought out it can increase the risk for severe injuries later. These include:
  • Ruptured ligaments
  • Joint function loss
  • Fractures
Bodybuilders that receive regular chiropractic adjustments also benefit from having one on one discussions about strength, diet, power, or pain they’re experiencing and get sound advice/recommendations. The chiropractor will know the difference and will know how to prevent further injury.

Weightlifting and Maximum Potential

Professional weightlifters understand that a combination of natural approaches and the utilization of these resources will bring optimal results. Bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness lovers are utilizing chiropractic in order to stay healthy, fit, and aligned. It is a perfect team, fitness, and chiropractic. Weightlifting makes the body stronger. This comes from the added stress on the bones, muscles, and joints, which causes them to adapt. However, there is also an added strain that can misalign the spine and pinch the nerves. Pinched nerves cause lower levels of muscle strength and the development of scar tissue. Individuals might not be aware as this condition does not always cause pain. Chiropractic involves adjusting the spine back into its natural, proper position. This allows the muscles to achieve maximum potential. Protein supplements and powders can also help. Chiropractic relieves the stress that occurs from weightlifting and releases the subluxations. Regular chiropractic prevents injuries, helps injuries heal quickly, and allows for continued training with modifications depending on the patient’s case.

Alleviating Pain and Preventing Injury

The muscles function and perform based on the signals sent and received by way of the central nervous system. When an injury occurs to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, or other areas of the body, inflammation, and swelling occurs. Inflammation is not all bad and is a good sign that the body has been injured, needs attention, and is dealing with the injury. But communication needs to be relayed for this to happen. When the joints in the spine are out of place or are not moving properly, the information can be scrambled or gets cut off. This can make it feel as if everything is fine, when there should be pain or when something hurts in one area when the pain is located in another area. Chiropractic restores function to joints, re-aligns the spine and improves range of motion. This opens up the communication lines completely and allows the body to heal on its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon can I go back to lifting? It depends on the individual case, but most go back to training the following day if there are no injuries. However, discuss the matter with a doctor.
  • Can a chiropractor adjust a big muscular individual? A chiropractor knows how to manipulate the body so that they don’t have to be stronger than the individual, no matter their size.
  • Can I adjust myself? Chiropractors are trained doctors, that know where to apply specific movement and pressure to a joint that is causing problems.
  • Do I need chiropractic because my back doesn�t hurt? An individual does not have to be hurt to benefit from chiropractic. Chiropractic can be utilized to improve performance and as preventative treatment.
  • Can chiropractic help with difficulty sleeping after workouts? Tension and stress as well as tight muscles are irritating to the central nervous system. Hot baths can help relax the muscles. Chiropractic helps release tension, relieve stress, leading to a better night�s sleep.

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