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Try the Dance Cardio Workout That Inspired Zumba


Anyone who’s tried Zumba knows what a fun, heart-pumping workout it is. Thanks to the lively music and challenging dance moves, these classes help burn calories and strengthen your body from head to toe. But before Zumba classes started appearing everywhere, there was samba reggae. This music genre (which combines Brazilian samba with Jamaican reggae) originated in Bahia, Brazil.

And of course, what’s music without some dancing? It’s no surprise this upbeat music gave rise to a style of dance with a similar name. Samba reggae is upbeat, fun, freeing, and all about connecting with your body and the rhythm of the music. 

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Ready to rock this dance for yourself? In this video, dance teacher Quenia Ribeiro of the renowned dance school Ailey Extension demonstrates an easy-to-follow samba reggae workout to get your heart pumping and body flowing. Just hit play and follow-along.

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