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Spider-Mom Charity Grace LeBlanc On Her Wall-Crawling Workouts


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With over 132,000 Instagram followers, Charity Grace LeBlanc is used to getting noticed for her extreme workouts. But one recent post had the internet upside down!

The 28-year-old mother of two showed off her high-climbing skills in a video filmed at her�Clearwater, Florida residence � crawling on the ceiling as her 2-year-old daughter Felicity LeBlanc watched from below.

The clip was picked up by the popular �Fit Moms of IG� account, where Charity was given the nickname �Spider-Mom.�

But for those who know Charity, her stunts aren�t anything new. �I always was an active child � climbing trees, playing outside, and taking dance classes,� she tells PEOPLE.


That doesn�t mean she was climbing on walls right away as a mom. After the birth of her first child, now 6-year-old son Oakley LeBlanc, Charity realized she needed to start easing back into fitness � so she started with yoga. Once she had that down, Charity started incorporating aerial circus arts and ninja training into her workouts.

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It was rock-climbing that inspired Charity�s �Spider-Mom� workouts. �I just began working on my grip strength after falling in love with a few rock climbing sessions at a local rock climbing gym,� she explains. �I would go outside of my house and hang on the edge of the roof and do some pull ups or practice on Monkey bars when I took my kids to the playground.�

Eventually her husband of 7-years, Andre LeBlanc, gave Charity a Christmas surprise of building a hanging ledge and little gym inside the house.��My family loves it!� Charity gushes. �I caught my daughter swinging on one of the workouts rings we have in our house, and she look at me and said �Wook mommy! I strong like youuu!� �

Her social media followers have also encouraged her. �[They] always give me so much encouragement and inspire me to push myself harder and put together more creative workouts,� she says.

Ultimately, Charity hopes those who watch her online get inspired to pursue fitness in a way that excites them.

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�I have always encouraged people to pursue fitness as something you enjoy doing or activity that excites you,� she says. �I�ve never been able to be one of those people who spend long hours inside a traditional gym. I find I push myself and have more fun when I�m doing an activity such rock climbing or obstacle course racing or evening performing aerial circus arts. Fitness and fun are so entwined for me, I don�t know which comes first sometimes.

�Allowing your children to watch and partake in your fitness will allow them to set up a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically, for themselves,� Charity says. �My daughter and son are involved in a lot of my fitness activities, so I think it�s good for other parents to see that it�s possible to pursue your fitness goals and also have a fun time with your kids.�

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