Tuesday, April 11, 2017


We started off this week with a BANG! Today is no different. There is no strength work, which means that you should expect a metcon that is a little on the longer side. Have Fun!

-Jon Jon


A) 2 Rounds:
500m Run
15 Clean and Jerks
(RX: 135/95)(Sc: 115/75)

B) 2 Rounds:
500m Row
50 Air Squats

C) 2 Rounds:
1000m BIke
25 KB Swings
(RX: 55/35)(SC: 44/25)

Supplemental Work:

1) Bent Over Rows- 3�10
2) Lat Pull-downs- 3�10
3) DB Bench Press- 3�10
4) Seated DB Shoulder Press- 3�10

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