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UTEP Miners Summer Camps Coming Set to Start Soon


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Kids of all ages are invited to sign up for the 2017 edition of the UTEP Miners Summer Camps. Officials say this year�s camps are offered for cheerleading, men�s basketball, football, soccer, track & field and volleyball.

The cheer camp is slated for July 5-8 at the Don Haskins Center.� Men�s basketball has two sessions � June 19-21 (Miner Basketball Camp) and June 26-29 (Boys and Girls Camp), both at the Don Haskins Center.

Football will hold its annual Youth Camp on June 10 in the Sun Bowl.� Soccer has two Advanced Camps and two Soccer & Splash Camps, both June 19-22 and July 17-20.

Track & Field will conduct a Speed and Agility Camp June 15-16 at Kidd Field.� Volleyball has two Li�l Miners Indoor Camps (June 7-9 and July 13-15), two Miners Indoor Camps (June 7-9 and July 13-14), two Miner Position Camps (July 11 and July 12), and four Miners Beach Volleyball Camps (June 710 am and pm and July 12-15 am and pm).

Visit the UTEP Athletics Website�for full details on all the camps or to sign up.� Inquiries will also be accepted by phone (747-6065) or via e-mail (

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