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Best Sneakers For Every Workout, According To Our Fitness Editor


If anyone knows sneakers, it�s Health�s senior fitness editor Rozalynn Frazier. Whether she�s researching products for our monthly�gear awards�or reviewing�Nike�s new running shoe, Roz’s job requires her to constantly�test the latest sneakers (lucky!). She has so many sneakers and workout clothes, in fact, that she�s�had to devote an entire closet to her fitness gear�no easy feat in a New York City apartment.

With so many cool shoes at her disposable, how does the serious sneakerhead decide which pairs she’ll keep? We asked the six-time marathon runner to give us a tour of her fitness closet and show us her favorite sneakers for every kind of workout, from crushing a class at notoriously-challenging�Tone House (one of her favorite New York City workout studios) to climbing Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in the French Alps. Watch the video above for a full rundown of the sneakers that are “in heavy rotation” for Roz at the moment, then�read on for a few pairs we can’t stop�obsessing over.

Adidas Ultraboost x Parley Shoes

To buy: $200;�

This pair boasts “boost technology” in the midsole, which helps you spring forward with every step. “You want to think of it as�a spring, like a trampoline,” says Roz. “It’s very bouncy.” She also loves that the knit upper hugs the arch of the foot for a more customized fit. As an added�bonus, part of the fabric is made from waste that�s been recycled from the ocean. Sold.

Brooks Ghost 9

To buy: $120;

Roz is big a fan of the Brooks Ghost model�so much so�that she�s worn the shoe during a handful of her (20 total!)�half marathons. In July, thenewest edition, Ghost 10, will hit stores. “It’s a little more plush,” Roz says of the upcoming model. “A little softer, a little lighter.” Until then, you can shop the Ghost 9.

Nike Air Zoom Strong

To buy: $110;�

If she�s doing HIIT�(such as Tone House), a boot camp workout, or weight lifting, these cross-trainers are one of Roz�s top picks. “It has the Zoom Air technology, so it�s going to be really quick and responsive,” she says. “I have this in three different colorways.” A thick strap�secures the foot and keeps laces tied during even the most intense sweat sessions.

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Reebok Nano 7

To buy: $130;

This durable sneaker was basically made for CrossFit. According to Roz, the sturdy texture won’t wear and tear when you’re doing box jumps or climbing ropes, and the close-fitting heel locks you down as you squat low.�”This is going to be really durable, so you can feel like you can conquer your workout without messing up your shoes, messing up your feet,” she says. “And I just think it’s kind of cool-looking. Look at the colors!”

Puma Suede Platform

To buy: $100;�

“I love these because of the gold toe,” says Roz. The metallic detail makes the stylish pair pop. Roz rocks these on the street or at the office, where they add dressy (but still comfortable) edge to any outfit.

Thanks for the inside (sneaker) scoop, Roz!

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