Inflamed Plantar Fascia, Heel/Foot Pain, and Chiropractic


One of the most likely causes of foot/heel pain is inflamed plantar fascia, which causes plantar fasciitis. It can be a painful and common injury from overuse of the ligaments in the foot. When this pain presents, it can make an individual not want to walk or place any type of pressure on the feet, as the pain worsens with pressure or impact on the foot. �

Chiropractic care doesn�t just treat the spine but can help with various other musculoskeletal issues throughout the body. With chiropractic adjustments, rest, icing, and exercises, the ligaments, and tissues of the feet are worked out, massaged, and stretched back to their normal range.

Plantar Fascia

There is a ligament called the plantar fascia. It runs along the bottom of the foot and connects the toes to the heel. The plantar fascia absorbs shock and helps support the feet when walking. However, ligament tension can begin to increase, specifically when standing for long periods. When the tension reaches its limit, small tears can begin to form along with inflammation causing pain.

The pain occurs when walking, standing, or immediately after waking up. The condition can happen to anyone but is more likely to become an issue for those who stand or walk as a regular part of their job, home activity, etc. Side effects from the foot pain often cause individuals to adjust their walking gait to avoid feeling discomfort, that stresses the rest of the body like the muscles, ligaments, joints that can lead to various types of injury/s. �

Chiropractic Treatment

Individuals with an inflamed plantar fascia often experience a shooting/stabbing pain that worsens in the morning or after standing or sitting for an extended time. Repetitive impact on the feet and poor arch support from shoes cause small tears to happen over time from the continued stress. If it has just started the pain can be treated with ice and rest, but they are not for solving the root cause. Chiropractic can help bring pain relief that lasts along with recurrence prevention. Here are some a few ways a chiropractor can help: �

Ankle Re-alignment

  • Ankle misalignment can contribute to plantar fasciitis at the plantar fascia has to work harder to move the foot without the ankle’s support. Manipulation and realignment of the ankle will improve foot function.


  • A chiropractor along with a physical therapy team can be utilized for soft tissue massage and trigger point therapy to release tension.

Exercises and Stretches


  • Various stretching and exercising techniques can be implemented to help speed up the healing process. A chiropractor will work the individual through exercises and stretches designed to relieve inflammation and stretch out the tissue. Specific exercises will also be taught to help strengthen the lower leg muscles to stabilize the heel and help prevent pain.


  • A chiropractor will correct any improper posture/s that has contributed to the foot pain or has become a way of being able to function as a result of the pain. This will return the individual to a normal gait when walking and running. Pressure on the feet and plantar fascia will be alleviated.

Spinal/Hip Re-alignment

  • Individuals learn to avoid pain by walking/moving in a different way than how the body is supposed to. This results in pain in the hips and back, as the body is being pulled in various ways. Manipulation and mobilization will be used to realign the body to its proper form.


  • A chiropractor will make adjustments to the feet, ankles, and spine to reduce pain and relieve the pressure on the plantar fascia. Supportive footwear and orthotics could be recommended for extended/preventative care. Once diagnosed with a foot problem wearing proper shoes that support the feet is essential.
  • Orthotics can also help prevent injury to the back, joints, and muscles that were stretched or over-worked from an abnormal gait. When the pressure is relieved, the ligament starts to heal. This can take a few weeks. The result is a healthier heel/foot with proper function. Chiropractic can accelerate the healing process combined with home care. If pain is presenting in the heel, do not delay and focus on healing the foot.

Reduce Plantar Fasciitis


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Goff, James D, and Robert Crawford. �Diagnosis and treatment of plantar fasciitis.��American family physician�vol. 84,6 (2011): 676-82.

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