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A Few Ways to Manage Chronic Back Pain During Summer


Chronic back pain does not have to ruin the summer season. The best approach is planning ahead remembering a few self-care warm/hot weather tips. The hot weather can worsen pain symptoms. With all the family activities going on, maintaining back pain wellness can be difficult. This is where the planning/preparing for chronic pain comes in.

Individuals should begin thinking around April what they will be doing once the hot months arrive and plan accordingly. However, self-care should be implemented for all seasons.


Water Therapy

Depending on the condition, water can be a friendly sanctuary from the pain with the ability to do some spine exercises. Light stretching can bring relief and keeps the muscles and ligaments stretched. Outside of the pool, a misting fan can create a relaxing atmosphere along with ice packs during summer pain flares. �

Avoid high heat

Sunburn or prolonged heat exposure can cause burning nerve pain. The changes in temperature and barometric pressure can trigger joint pain. Plan on doing activities in the morning or after the sun has set. Keep a hand-held fan close-by whenever going out. Wear loose light sun friendly clothing, comfortable shoes, possibly a hat to shield the face and keep an ice-cold water bottle with you. �

Proper seating

Summer activities typically include uncomfortable seating, like small chairs, bleachers, and activities where everyone sits on the ground. Plan ahead for these situations and store a comfortable possibly therapeutic folding or travel chair that fits in an automobile. Add a lumbar cushion to support the lower back. �

Immune system health

Fruits and vegetables can boost the body’s vitamin and mineral bank. Better quality food will make you feel so much better. Whatever you can get at the market, get it and turn it into a cold healthy smoothie. The USDA found that cherries contain pain-fighting and inflammation-reducing compounds that can help reduce pain, specifically arthritis. �

Air quality

Pay attention to the air quality rating during the summer. Studies have shown that air pollution can increase inflammation, specifically for individuals with:

Before heading outside, check the Air Quality Index or the AQI just as a precaution. �

Don�t delay healthcare

Don�t let summer vacation or road trips get in the way of your chiropractic treatment plan. Check-in before you go and ask for help to navigate the adventure with as little pain as possible. Self-sufficiency can be achieved by planning ahead. Reduce stress and increase your independence.

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