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Miner �Orange Fever Fiesta� Set For Saturday Night


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The primary fundraising event for UTEP Athletics, Orange Fever Fiesta, is just a few days away. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, May 20 at 6 p.m. at Grace Gardens, 6701 Westside Drive.

Presented by Western Refining and hosted by the Miner Athletic Club, Orange Fever Fiesta features dinner, dancing and entertainment, along with a live and silent auction with all monies raised supporting scholarships for UTEP student athletes.

Attendees can also go online to preregister for the event saving time at check in. They can also start building their watch list and bid on great silent auction items already available.

This event is at capacity and fans unable to attend the event can still participate through two ways. Both options are available on the Orange Fever Fiesta event site.

If attendees were able to secure tickets or simply want to participate off site, they can register their information and bid on a variety of fabulous silent auction packages via computer or smart phone. Also available is the option to donate to the Fund-An-Athlete scholarship.

The Miner Athletic Club (MAC) serves as the fund-raising arm of the UTEP Department of Athletics. The MAC’s mission is to annually raise funds to offset the departmental cost of scholarships and sport programs supporting UTEP student-athletes.

Funds are raised by the Miner Athletic Club through special events (such as Orange Fever Fiesta), annual donations, major and planned gifts, and through the donor portions of season ticket sales.

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