Healthcare Providers

Back Clinic Health Care Providers Chiropractic Team. According to the (CDC), there are more than 18 million workers in the healthcare sector in the U.S., And almost 80 percent of them are women. These workers are exposed to many hazards each day. Healthcare practitioners, from nurses to chiropractors, specialize in providing the best health services available to the general population in order to implement outstanding care to individuals in need.

Health professionals are frequently involved in high-demand environments which require healthcare members to be constantly on their feet, helping as many individuals as possible for prolonged periods of time. Dr. Alex Jimenez’s collection of Healthcare Providers articles cover a variety of injuries or conditions affecting a majority of health professionals while on the field, paying close attention to and emphasizing the treatments and solutions available to care for these important individuals as well. For more information, please feel free to contact us at (915) 850-0900 or text to call Dr. Jimenez personally at (915) 540-8444.

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