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The Reason Jen Widerstrom Shared This Embarrassing Old Photo


Leave it to Jen Widerstrom to remind us that positivity is the only way�forward.�The Biggest Loser trainer posted an old photo of herself to Instagram yesterday to show her followers that we all start somewhere.

�THIS IS ME,� Widerstrom�wrote in the caption to the�snapshot that was taken years ago, when the fitness star�was at a higher weight. �I�ve never posted this photo, embarrassed by what you may think of me today.�

This isn’t the first time the trainer�has shared an unflattering photo to make a point. Just last fall she provided visual proof that even�fitness stars�have stomach rolls (preach).

In her latest motivational post, Widerstrom�goes on to encourage�her 246,000 followers to embrace their past, even if it’s painful.��We all have a story,” she wrote. “We all have a place we started and don�t want to go back to.�

She admits her own insecurities occasionally get to her:��Sometimes I�m scared if I�ll be able to keep up my healthy lifestyle and revert back to where I was�then I slow myself down and remember that every day I get to make a choice on whether fear will control my life or not.”

Widerstrom, who published her book�Diet Right for Your Personality Type in February, cautions us not to let fear�dictate our lives:��WE ALL get stuck, as you can see so do I, but what are you waiting for? Be bigger than your pain.�

And she wants you to do it now.��Tomorrow may be too late,� Widerstrom�wrote. �I NEED YOU TO START TODAY.�

Dr. Alex Jimenez D.C.,C.C.S.T

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