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Meet Trudy – Clinical Patient Liaison, Clinical Operations Officer, Mother and Wife

Meet Trudy – Clinical Patient Liaison, Clinical Operations Officer, Mother and Wife

Presenting Truide Torres Jimenez. ( Clinic Director: Injury Medical Clinic PA & Patient Relations Advocate & WAY More)

Truide has been working for the past 20 years in claims resolutions. She works hand in hand with patients and is available to resolve dispute resolutions. She also works as the patient liaison for clinical and legal matters.

Truide Torres Jimenez (Brief Bio & Her Personal Message) Driven by the passion of doing what is in the patient’s best interest, I wake up every morning with the drive to help those in need. The claims process for health care is full of pits, valleys, and difficult obstacles designed to strike fear in those in need. My duty is to do what is within the confines of the law, “whatever it takes,” to get those involved to pay attention to those who need help. That is what I am honored to do for our patients.

My Purpose: In finding my purpose, I find the bigger “Why” behind my business. This is essential in the challenges I have seen in these times. Each day, I search for God’s message in my purpose, which I pray takes me to another level. At the end of the day, I, too, do not want to work for the sake of working. As humans and God-fearing individuals, we like to know we’re aligned with what we feel we are called to do. So getting with my purpose and my “why” has always so important to me. I love people, and I want to help them, especially when they are in need.

My Commitment As defined, commitment is “the state or quality of being dedicated to cause activity, etc.” Without commitment, it is difficult, if not impossible, to push through challenges to reach our goals. My commitment is to serve my fellow person in their clinical needs and find the right solution for them.

My Dedication: “The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose is what I strive daily for every day.” I have always told my children that you commit to it once you have a purpose, and you see it through. I, too, try to live my life by those words. Yes, it’s work, and there is no substitute other than to dig in and get it done. There is no substitute for practice and preparation. Our success with our patients has always been dependent on the level of effort we as a team have been able to focus on with our independent and prioritized tasks mutually. I commit to being dedicated to our God-directed purpose.

Perseverance I believe that to persevere, you must show continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or oppositions. With our patients and those we assist, we face many challenges and need and pray for the ability to push through and pick ourselves up when down. I can only imagine how my clients feel. For that reason, I push harder to help them. Simply put, each challenge we as a team overcomes, the closer we can help our patients and those in need. So we stay the course and overcome the fear and struggles our patients have and help them clinically persevere.

Personally, I have seen great injustices transpire on those that do NOT have a voice in today’s world. Whether a language barrier or just not knowing the rules. My job is to find out how I can help. If I personally can not help, I will find the right sources to open the possibilities. Then, I get the job done.

As a wife and mother of 2 children, 2 dogs and 3 cats, my passion is for God, Family, and the mission of serving my fellow man.

Call me if you need help with clinical matters:

Office 915-850-0900 / Cell: 915-252-6149

Truide Torres – Jimenez Patient Advocate: Injury Medical Clinic PA

Don’t Allow a Lawyer to be Your Chiropractor

Don’t Allow a Lawyer to be Your Chiropractor

A current study conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform, or ILR, determined that several of the most expensive ads under popular search terms on Google, including phrases such as “Top personal injury lawyers” and “El Paso accident lawyer”, costed personal injury lawyers approximately $700 every time a possible client clicked on it.

While these elevated costs have demonstrated a definite growing advertising trend among attorneys, these statistics have developed a tremendous concern among Texans who value the integrity of their civil justice system. As a matter of fact, the increased amount of personal injury lawyer advertising shows how misleading ads have become, putting greed ahead of justice. Furthermore, this method of advertising can burden courts with questionable lawsuits, leading to more delays and denials of justice for those with legitimate legal claims.

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According to the Institute for Legal Reform’s research study, personal injury attorneys in the United States were estimated to spend a total of $892 million in television advertising in 2015, a growth from $531 million in 2008. The large sums being invested on these expensive ads were utilized in the study to show the way many personal injury lawyers are predominantly more interested in lining their pockets rather than being interested on the client’s safety and overall health and wellness.

The current study conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce placed various cities in Texas among the top national rankings of personal injury attorney advertising. The 68 percent increase in personal injury lawyer ads on television during the previous An evident increase of approximately 68 percent in personal injury lawyer television ads over the previous eight years was most notable in Houston, Texas, ranking among the top 10 United States television markets for trial lawyer advertising in 2015.

Because more Texans have started depending on the internet and television for a majority of their health blog picture of young woman pointing to red button that says receive care todayinformation, it’s fundamental for individuals to be able to distinguish between all the helpful resources and misleading lawsuit advertising. In addition, many personal injury attorney advertisements have started attempting to influence consumer’s decisions, guiding them away from seeking medical attention from qualified doctors, chiropractors and medical specialist as well as misleading them to questionable lawsuits.

People have to begin to understand the purpose of personal injury attorney advertising. Many personal injury lawyers are acting on their own self-interest, one that is often not in the best interest of clients and patients. Texans must learn to protect themselves against those recruiters who’s main purpose is to enlarge their own bank accounts rather than helping victims who need it. Clients with questions regarding the medical care and treatment they deserve for their settlement should ask their doctor, chiropractor or medical specialist, not a personal injury lawyer. Subsequently, people should be aware of misleading advertisements attempting to guide them away from a healthcare professional.

Misleading personal injury advertising can put people�s overall health and wellness at risk. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the consequences of this often selfish practice: don�t allow a lawyer be your doctor, chiropractor or medical specialist.

Its common for personal injury lawyers to advertise on the internet and television today. However, recent studies have started to demonstrate that from the vast majority of ads, an increased percentage of them be misleading, steering people away from medical care and treatment after being involved in a personal injury case.

Marcus Jahns of San Antonio is chairman of Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse,

For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at 915-850-0900 .�Top provider

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By Dr. Alex Jimenez

Additional Topics: Neck Pain and Auto Injury

Neck pain is characterized as the most prevalent symptom after being involved in an automobile accident. During an auto collision, the body is exposed to a sheer amount of force due to the high speed impact, causing the head and neck to jolt abruptly back-and-forth as the rest of the body remains in place. This often results in the damage or injury of the cervical spine and its surrounding tissues, leading to neck pain and other common symptoms associated with whiplash-related disorders.

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What’s Happening With Personal Injury Lawsuits

What’s Happening With Personal Injury Lawsuits


Just as the way some iconic advertising campaigns might create among us a unique cultural bond, TV watchers and internet surfers today share a common experience. We�re all aware of � and annoyed by � personal injury lawyer advertisements, �If you�ve ever been injured, call now for a free consultation��

Personal injury lawyer advertising is a huge presence on our TV screens and computer searches. It�s also the most visible element of the vicious cycle of lawsuit abuse in this country. Where does the money come from for these ads? Personal injury lawyers get rich filing lawsuits that are often weak on facts or fueled by imbalanced laws. The bounty they reap from these lawsuits goes into the huge volume of injury ads that we see constantly, so they can recruit more plaintiffs for more questionable lawsuits.

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About $900 million was spent last year on personal injury ads on TV alone, according to a U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform report. Online, more than 90 percent of the top 25 most expensive Google search terms are related to litigation, according to the report, and the high prices are bid up by high advertiser demand.

Why advertise 24/7 for lawsuit plaintiffs? To create �class members� for personal injury lawyers to bring mass tort lawsuits. What happens to the millions of plaintiffs signed up by the ads and web links? They are bought and sold by the lawsuit generators as if they were cattle or corn futures. Who regulates these ads to make sure they are truthful and ethical? As you might have guessed from looking at the ads, they are barely regulated at all � but they should be!

This aggressive plaintiff recruitment comprises just part of the cycle of lawsuit abuse � lawsuit friendly laws make personal injury lawyers rich as they file more and more lawsuits, and lawsuit riches buys nearly a billion in TV ads to gin up more plaintiffs and wealth-producing lawsuits. The rest of the cycle of lawsuit abuse is the personal injury lawyers putting their money into political campaigns and supporting pro-lawsuit politicians who help to preserve the imbalanced laws � and try to create new ones. Seem a little complicated? It�s not, and we�ve laid it out with a few graphics here.

So the next time you see a personal injury ad that is giving you advice about what to do, remember these three things:
You shouldn�t believe everything you see in the largely unregulated world of personal injury lawyer advertising.
Personal injury lawyer advertising can mislead and scare consumers on important issues, such as their health care.
Personal injury lawsuits are often about making those lawyers rich, not making victims whole.


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While our country has regulatory agencies whose mission it is to ensure that advertisements are accurate and straightforward for American consumers, one group evades advertising regulation: personal injury lawyers. This group is flooding the airwaves and internet with ads making unsubstantiated or hyperbolic claims to lure potential plaintiffs into lawsuits that make these personal injury lawyers millions.

We�re all familiar with the ominous ads that warn about health dangers or a long list of side effects and promising cash compensation to patients. Yet these sensationalized lawsuit ads do not disclose the low probability of experiencing an adverse health effect. That�s because lawsuit ads are not subject to the same level of oversight for accuracy and disclosure as advertising for other industries.

The disparity is clear when you look at how strictly other ads discussing health treatments are regulated. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates all consumer product ads that where company�s product can affect consumers� health, insisting that these ads must:

  • be truthful and non-deceptive
  • have evidence to back up claims
  • not be unfair, and
  • include only accurate testimonials that disclose any information that might influence buyers

None of these requirements exist for lawsuit ads, which largely can say whatever they want about the effects of health treatments or products. Without regulation, personal injury lawyers can dramatize product risks while acknowledging none of the benefits.

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Additionally, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requires that product claim ads must present the benefits and risks of a prescription drug in a balanced fashion. Companies are required to list the most significant risks of the drug. Similar to the FTC, the FDA requires that these ads must not be false or misleading in any way.

These restrictions do not apply to lawsuit ads, which are often intentionally misleading. There is a rigorous testing and claim substantiation that drugs must go through for all marketable claims, but no such process exists for lawsuit ads. Thus, we see ads with unsubstantiated claims from studies personal injury lawyers may have commissioned or from doctors who are on their payroll. That simply doesn�t seem balanced.

Even cosmetic ads are regulated more strictly than lawsuit ads. Cosmetic ads are subject to the same advertising regulations that the FTC uses for other industries (i.e., fair, backed by evidence, non-deceptive, etc.) These regulations exist for a reason, and personal injury lawyer ads should be held to the same standards as demanded of other advertisers.

There is harm in allowing lawsuit ads to continue to make misleading claims � it can be can be dangerous for consumers, who are repeatedly hearing these wild, unregulated proclamations. American consumers are inundated with personal injury lawyer advertisements � we can�t escape them. In fact, nationwide, personal injury lawyers spend up to $75 million each month on this advertising.

As a result of this onslaught of panic-inducing ads, patients are increasingly discontinuing health care treatments that their physician believes would provide them with significant benefits and pose little risk. Americans are listening to unregulated ads instead of their doctors, which has doctors concerned. That�s why the American Medical Association, an organization representing more than 200,000 physicians and medical students, recommended that lawsuit advertisements come with a warning that patients should first consult with a physician before discontinuing medications.

These advertising tactics are intended to generate lawsuits and enrich personal injury lawyers. Consumers deserve, and should demand, greater responsibility and disclosure in lawsuit advertising. For now, consumers must recognize that these ads are not always accurate, and personal injury lawyers have a vested interested in scaring audiences into lawsuits. Don�t fall for it, and don�t get trapped in their web.

How Big Data Is Big Bucks For Personal Injury Lawyers

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Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse shared our take on big data and the increase in certain lawsuits in a recent letter to the editor in the Dallas Morning News. It also serves as a good reminder: �Don�t Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor.�

Texas trial lawyers have a history of searching for ways to make millions of dollars at the expense of our health care system, ultimately reducing access to health care, driving up the cost of consumer goods and limiting job creation.

The recent story, �Health insurers fear Texas trial lawyers are seeking billions, but attorneys say that�s hype� (March 30), shows how the combination of big data and health care can create a gold mine for personal injury lawyers.

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So, when sick or injured consumers get a call from a lawyer, not a doctor, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse is urging caution through a new Sick of Lawsuits ( campaign. The public needs to be aware of the millions spent on misleading television and online advertising.

�Don�t let a lawyer be your doctor,� is sage advice and something TALA is working to ensure that Texans hear and act on. What lawsuit ads don�t say can be harmful. When it comes to lawsuits involving a person�s health, consumers should examine the source carefully.

Jennifer Harris, Austin, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse (as published by the Dallas Morning News)

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Personal injury lawyer advertising is a huge presence on our TV screens and computer searches. It�s also the most visible element of the vicious cycle of lawsuit abuse in this country. Where does the money come from for these ads? Personal injury lawyers get rich filing lawsuits that are often weak on facts or fueled by imbalanced laws.�For Answers to any questions you may have please call Dr. Jimenez at�915-850-0900

The Proper Care Following An Auto Accident

The Proper Care Following An Auto Accident

An automobile accident often results in minimum vehicle damage, however, on the other side of the spectrum, the injuries an individual sustains from a car wreck can be devastating. Various types of accidents can affect a person�s well-being and auto accidents are considered to be some of the most troublesome towards an individual�s health. Apart from causing financial losses, suffering a complicating injury or underlying condition as a result of the auto accident can alter an individual�s lifestyle.

First Steps After an Accident

With that intention, it�s crucial to seek professional assistance to properly manage the physical, mental and material damage an individual may have suffered after a traffic collision. First, the victim of an auto accident should seek immediate medical attention to address any serious injuries as soon as possible. If the accident is minor in nature, and the vehicle itself is equipped with a first-aid kit, the individual may utilize these as a means before professional help arrives. Trauma and shock are often the biggest complications of accidents and it is crucial to treat them as early as possible. The auto accident victim must be kept calms and composed at all times to avoid further injuries.

The next essential step following an automobile accident is to immediately take the victim to the nearest medical facility available. Most frequently, those involved in a car wreck will be transported to the emergency room, or ER, where they will receive basic care for their wounds. Sometimes, the injuries sustained during the incident may appear minor and although there may be no bone fractures or open wounds, there could be the risk of soft-tissue injuries, which are not clearly visible without proper evaluations and testing. Because the professional staff of the ER are often only capable of treating immediately threatening wounds and may prescribe medications to temporarily relieve the painful symptoms following an auto accident, it�s crucial to ensure that the involved individual seeks a full examination from a qualified doctor who specializes in auto accident injuries to rule out the possibility of other, much more serious types of injuries or conditions. This could certainly prevent aggravating an injury and, in some situations, it could also make a difference between life and death.

The Importance of Visiting A Doctor

Aside from reducing the risk of further complications, there are various other reasons why it�s important to seek immediate medical attention from a car accident specialist. Healthcare professionals whom specialize in car accident injuries can help properly diagnose an individual�s injuries or conditions. According to the findings, these capable healthcare professionals can effectively plan the next course of treatment. Furthermost, many doctors and even primary healthcare centers have the required diagnostic tools for pathological tests, such as X-rays. These can be extremely useful because many injuries may not be immediately visible following an automobile accident.

For example, damage or injury to the bone, joints, muscles and ligaments, as well as complications to other types of tissues in the body, can be common after an accident, however, because these may often not result in open-wounds, they may be overlooked. If left untreated, a majority of these complications could lead to further damage or injury. Due to the tremendous force from a car wreck, fractures occur frequently. A basic X-ray, MRI or other types of scans may be needed to rule out the possibility of a bone fracture in the body.

Many auto accidents could also lead to damage or injury to vital organs, such as the lungs, liver, kidney and commonly, the brain. Brain concussions, internal bleeding and puncture wounds to vital organs could be life-threatening and should therefore be immediately ruled out with the use of the above mentioned diagnostic tools.

In other cases, the victim involved may be in need of a blood transfusion. Serious accidents could lead to blood loss and getting medical help as early as possible is also crucial in these instances. Qualified doctors and most primary medical centers have the required quantity and group of blood an individual might need after a serious automobile accident.

Insurance Related Issues

A majority of auto accident victims end up filing personal injury claims under the�insurance companies in order to receive the proper compensation they need and deserve for their injuries. It’s essential for the involved victims to take photographs of the accidents. The healthcare professional providing�treatment to the affected individuals of a car crash can help provide the insurance company with the necessary information required to complete a personal insurance claim. That�s why it�s also important to seek medical attention immediately after an accident. This will help strengthen the insurance claim quite significantly. A preliminary investigation report from the police would also be needed because it will add a legal dimension to the entire accident which could additionally help get the best possible insurance claim. �For those who choose to delay their treatment, not only are they at risk of worsening symptoms from injuries or underlying conditions, if they delay their treatment further, they could have a difficult time with the insurance company.

A majority of chiropractors, as well as other healthcare professionals, are specialized and experienced in treating injuries and trauma caused by an automobile accident. Their professional approach offers some of the best treatments, whether it�s relieving pain caused by pressure being placed on the spinal nerves or numbness caused by stress being imposed on spinal nerves, chiropractors are trained to handle injuries and conditions professionally, especially automobile accident injuries.

Symptoms Following an Auto Accident

When a person suffers an automobile accident, there are several common symptoms one must look out for. The presence of any of the following symptoms could indicate a possible injury or condition and must therefore be immediately examined. The most common symptoms include: pain and discomfort on the neck, back, and upper extremities, tingling sensations and numbness in various parts of the body, dizziness, nausea and loss of consciousness.

Being aware of these symptoms is essential as some of these could signal the need for immediate medical attention. For example, pain and discomfort along with dizziness could occur because of hemorrhage to the brain due to concussion from the sudden impact of an auto accident. Being aware of the consequences certain symptoms indicate could help avoid undesirable circumstances.

Different Treatments for Injury

Fortunately, there are many different types of treatments and therapies available to help an individual recover from their automobile accident injures. Depending on the type of injury, the severity of the harm and the overall condition of the victim, various treatment methods are available to accommodate the individual.

Without a doubt, pain and other symptoms caused by injury from an auto collision is a big concern for those who suffer from these circumstances. Many doctors often prescribe pain killers or NSAIDS to help relieve the painful symptoms, however, these can have various side effects and, because they don�t directly treat the underlying issue, prescribed medications only function temporarily to reduce the pain and discomfort. Different types of injections are also available and used regularly for treating pain from trauma and other issues associated with auto accidents, however, as mentioned before, these can also have side effects and may only offer temporary relief without actually treating the problem. When it comes to finding the proper treatment in case of an auto accident, the individual must keep in mind to seek help from a specialist who can offer to restore their overall health without simply masking the issue.

Many healthcare specialists utilize a procedure known as Cervical Facet Radiofrequency Neurotomy, or CFRN. This complex procedure can be beneficial for some patients. CFRN works by artificially interrupting the signals being sent by certain nerves to the brain which could trigger pain in individuals who suffered an auto accident. This procedure has been found to be useful in reducing the levels of pain an individual experiences which could be unbearable for some people. Pain which is beyond the threshold limit could lead to extreme trauma and shock. This could lead to further complications but, in many cases, it could trigger other issues including heart related problems and neurological disorders.

Physical therapy is considered to be a common and useful primary treatment option for victims of an automobile accident. Many individuals have reported relief from their back pain, neck pain, whiplash and various other types or injuries that could impact vital organs and other types of tissues. Physical therapists may also include heat and cold therapy, according to the individual�s type of injuries. The application of heat therapy helps decrease transmissions of pain signals to the brain, increases the flow of oxygen and can help restore flexibility to the affected regions. The application of cold therapy can also help reduce pain and discomfort, but additionally, cold therapy can help decrease swelling.

Last but not least, chiropractic treatment is recognized as the most popular, alternative treatment option to care for injuries and/or conditions caused after an automobile accident. Chiropractors focus on the body as a whole by restoring the natural alignment of the spine. Chiropractors specialize on a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions as well as nervous system dysfunctions. From neck pain and whiplash to low back pain, chiropractic care commonly utilizes spinal adjustments and manual manipulations to carefully re-align the spine and its surrounding structures. After a thorough examination and diagnosis to determine the individual�s specific type of complications, a treatment plan may be developed accordingly to gradually rehabilitate the individual and restore their original health.

Additionally, a chiropractor may also recommend several types of stretches and exercises to increase the individual�s strength, improve their flexibility and mobility and ultimately speed up the rehabilitation process. A combination of the appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises along with chiropractic treatment could be extremely useful in helping the individual overcome the hardships of an automobile accident.

Recovering from Auto Injuries

For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at 915-850-0900 .

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By Dr. Alex Jimenez