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Personalized Spine & *SCIATICA TREATMENT* | El Paso, TX (2019)

Personalized Spine & *SCIATICA TREATMENT* | El Paso, TX (2019)

April Hermosillo achieves overall health and wellness every day by following proper nutrition and engaging in exercises or physical activities. As a regular fitness participant, however, April Hermosillo can experience back and low back pain which ultimately affects even her most basic daily tasks. April Hermosillo struggled with spine health issues and sciatica before she received chiropractic care. Dr. Alex Jimenez is a chiropractor in El Paso, TX who has helped April Hermosillo achieve pain relief so she can return to her everyday fitness routines. April Hermosillo describes how Dr. Alex Jimenez has tremendously helped improve her overall symptoms. April Hermosillo highly recommends Dr. Alex Jimenez as the non-surgical choice for personalized spine and sciatica treatment and rehabilitation.

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Personalized Spine & *SCIATICA TREATMENT* | El Paso, TX (2019)
We are blessed to present to you El Paso�s Premier Wellness & Injury Care Clinic.
Our services are specialized and focused on injuries and the complete recovery process. Our areas of practice include Wellness & Nutrition, Chronic Pain, Personal InjuryAuto Accident Care, Work Injuries, Back Injury, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Migraine Treatment, Sports Injuries, Severe Sciatica, Scoliosis, Complex Herniated Discs, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Stress Management, and Complex Injuries.     As El Paso�s Chiropractic Rehabilitation Clinic & Integrated Medicine Center, we passionately are focused on treating patients after frustrating injuries and chronic pain syndromes. We focus on improving your ability through flexibility, mobility and agility programs tailored for all age groups and disabilities.     We want you to live a life filled with more energy, positive attitude, better sleep, less pain, proper body weight and educated on how to maintain this way of life.

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The Seven-Minute Workout That Benefits El Paso, Texas

The Seven-Minute Workout That Benefits El Paso, Texas

Doctors are always saying exercise, get fit, but don�t give us many realistic options. Going to the gym can be difficult, especially if you are short on time.

Exercising at home can be a real pain, as well. You might be limited for space, tripping over kids � and although no one talks about it, do you want your significant other watching you sweat and gasp for air as you struggle through one of those insane workouts?

They say walking is good, but if you are in a neighborhood that doesn�t have sidewalks or it is too hot outside. Just how likely are you to get up and do it? Now suppose you could get all your exercising done in 7 minutes. Would you do it? Is it even possible?


7 minute workout injury medical chiropractic fitness clinic el paso tx.

7 minutes 12 moves

An article published in the Health & Fitness Journal for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) takes everything we�ve learned about exercise and turns it upside down. Just 12 exercises in 7 minutes is all it takes to get fit, according to these fitness experts.

Nowhere are there heavy weights or fancy equipment, just a wall, a chair, and the person�s body weight. Say hello to high-intensity interval training- it�s about to change your world!

This 7-minute workout is the equivalent of a serious weight training session and long run but without the weights or the running. That isn�t to say it is easy though. It requires a great deal of effort.

There�s a lot packed into those 7 minutes. It provides many of the benefits that are achieved by disciplined, long term endurance training; it just skips over the long-term part.

Make no mistake though, short does not mean it is easy � or pleasant. In fact, it may be one of the longer 7 minutes of your life.

The good news is, it�s over in 7 minutes. That�s a little more than 5 but less than 10.

It�s worth it though when you look at the numerous health benefits that exercise provides. Plus, it�s great for people who are super busy and can�t seem to squeeze a workout into their schedules. Say hello to no more excuses!

The Science Behind the 7

These 12 exercises were not chosen at random. The reason it works is rooted in some pretty deep science. When you exercise for even a few minutes and are operating at or near your maximum capacity (that means you are working very hard), it causes your muscles to experience molecular changes that are much like those that occur after several hours of riding a bike or running.

Interval training takes it a step farther. You engage in incredibly intense activity, then you have a brief recovery period, then back to a high-intensity exercise. That is the basis of this workout.

Each exercise should be done for about 30 seconds with a 10 second recovery period – but there�s a twist that ups the effectiveness even more. The exercises are arranged so that they engage the large muscles in the upper body, then in the lower body.

This alternating focus on muscle groups is essential because while the lower body is working like crazy, the upper body can be catching its breath. This makes for a much more efficient workout, but it is also why the order of the exercises is critical.

The exercises are intense but are movements that just about anyone can do. Many can also be adapted for people at different fitness levels. If you are looking for a great workout that will work for you but won�t eat up a lot of your time, you just might have found it.

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